By Cara Sidney

Bubble Tea Slush

So it’s officially summer time here in the UK (well that’s what Google says anyway!)  

On those few hot days we get, we’re all after those cold refreshing drinks! What if I told you, you could have your bubble tea and relive your childhood at the same time with a bubble tea SLUSH! Yep. Something about slush/slushies just screams fun and refreshing. In fact, the first ‘slush’ was invented in Ohio in 1970 known as the brand Slush Puppie - so about 10 years before Bubble Tea was invented! 

Let's say you’ve ordered a strawberry fruit tea kit with popping balls - what else do you need to turn this into a slush?!  

  • ICE, ICE,ICE  
  • Frozen or fresh fruit of your choice (frozen just makes it extra cold!) 
  • Blender 

How to: 

  • Make your fruit tea using the normal method of combining the syrup to the green tea, the only difference being we would recommend about 100ml of green tea to allow for the extra liquids of ice and fruit juices. 
  • Add your tea, ice, fruit of your choice into a blender and blend blend blend!  
  • If you feel it needs to be more slushie and less smoothie simply add more ice!  
  • The beauty of our kits and recipes is that you can tailor them to your preferences  

Once your drink is good to go at the consistency you like, simply put your drained boba into the bottom of your glass and pour in your slush! Enjoy with a boba straw!  

  • Fun tip: You can even add non-blended small diced pieces of fruit into your slush! These will also fit up the boba straw too - beauty of it!  


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