• Autumn is calling!

    Autumn is calling!

    We all love ice cold bubble tea but with the colder months approaching why not try a heartwarming hot bubble tea!
  • Bubble Tea Mocktails!

    Bubble Tea Mocktails!

    Why not enjoy a cocktail inspired Bubble Tea this summer! We've came up with some flavour combinations to really get the summer spirit going.
  • 3 bubble tea drinks placed in the grass, from left to right, mango fruit tea with jelly, taro milk tea with tapioca and vimto fruit tea with popping juice balls. Hanging above drinks is a party bunting.

    Schools out for summer!

    Schools out for summer! If you're thinking of things to do this summer holidays why not host a Bubble Tea party? We've made it easier than ever with our ultimate Bubble Tea set!
  • Tea WITH toppings?!

    Tea WITH toppings?!

    We’re here to clear up the confusion on toppings and those strange floating things in your Bubble Tea! 
  • How Bubble Tea Can Lower your Carbon Footprint!

    How Bubble Tea Can Lower your Carbon Footprint!

    You may not have thought much about it, but the environmentally-conscious individuals among us may be wondering just how eco-friendly bubble tea is. When it comes to regular cuppas, tea is one of the best drinks to have to lower...

  • How to Convince Someone to Try Bubble Tea

    How to Convince Someone to Try Bubble Tea

    Pretty much everyone has heard of bubble tea by now. It's increased in popularity over the past few years, and boba tea shops are scattered across the country! You can even order handy bubble tea kits, allowing you to make...