• Summer time sweet treats

    Summer time sweet treats

    Are you missing the warm, comforting flavors of winter? Don't worry, you can still enjoy them all year round, our winter flavours can be served over ice and they're delicious. So next time you're looking for a sweet treat, consider trying one of these unique and indulgent bubble tea combinations.
  • Bubble tea movie night

    Bubble tea movie night

    Easy ways to incorporate bubble tea into your self-care routine
  • Spring time bubble tea flavours

    Spring time bubble tea flavours

    Sip into spring with our fruity bubble tea flavour recommendations bursting with fruity and milky flavours for your to enjoy this spring. 
  • How to use Easter treats to level up your Bubble Tea!

    How to use Easter treats to level up your Bubble Tea!

    Bubble tea toppings can range from fruit jellies to boba pearls, but have you ever thought about using mini eggs or creme eggs as a bubble tea topping?
  • Autumn is calling!

    Autumn is calling!

    We all love ice cold bubble tea but with the colder months approaching why not try a heartwarming hot bubble tea!
  • Bubble Tea Mocktails!

    Bubble Tea Mocktails!

    Why not enjoy a cocktail inspired Bubble Tea this summer! We've came up with some flavour combinations to really get the summer spirit going.