• Autumn is calling!

    Autumn is calling!

    We all love ice cold bubble tea but with the colder months approaching why not try a heartwarming hot bubble tea!
  • Bubble Tea Mocktails!

    Bubble Tea Mocktails!

    Why not enjoy a cocktail inspired Bubble Tea this summer! We've came up with some flavour combinations to really get the summer spirit going.
  • bubble tea cup filled with red strawberry slush sitting on the grass surrounded by daisies

    Bubble Tea Slush

    What if I told you, you could have your bubble tea and relive your childhood at the same time with a Bubble Tea SLUSH! Here's how!
  • Asian Snacks and Sweets You Need to Try

    Asian Snacks and Sweets You Need to Try

    Outside of the UK, there is a collection of yummy snacks, drinks and sweets just waiting for you to try. Whilst they may be hard to find here in the UK, you can still get your hands on popular Asian...