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  • Manhua Cha™ Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Kit 12 Drinks Bubble Tea
  • Manhua Cha™ 12 Drink Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Kit Bubble Tea
  • Manhua Cha™ Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Kit Bubble Tea

Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Kit 12 Drinks

Who knew these 3 simple ingredients could be so delicious!Vegan? No Problem! Mix it up and try oat milk, soy milk or almond milk. This hugely popular...

Who knew these 3 simple ingredients could be so delicious!
Vegan? No Problem! Mix it up and try oat milk, soy milk or almond milk. 

This hugely popular drink is made up of just fresh milk, brown sugar and tapioca pearls.
Brown sugar has a smoky, caramel flavour. 

It is so simple to make and tastes amazing!

Contents of this kit:

Brown Sugar Syrup

3 Packs of Fast Cook Tapioca Pearls


Paper straws optional. Buy reusable metals straws here!

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Customer Reviews

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sanjay rajput
Great sale

Great sale

Sian Finlay
Good ingredients and equipment, not so great instructions

I really liked the bubble tea set with the reusable glass and straw with the brush to clean it with. Once I adjusted the recipe for the taro milk tea it was delicious! However following the instructions for the milk tea from the book was very watery, I was confused why the instructions didn't include adding milk, I tasted it without the milk and the flavour wasnt what I expected when I got a taro milk tea from a bubble tea shop and even when I added milk the original recipe just had way to much water for the milk to have an effect. I adjusted the recipe by using roughly 100ml of water to brew the tea, mixed the powder in added to my glass with the toppings and maybe 1 1/2 tbsp brown sugar syrup, added maybe a cup of ice and filled the rest with milk and it was amazing 🤩! So sweet and creamy!

Martin Temple-Calder
Great value for money!

I got the biggest kit because I love the bubble tea Manhua Cha send! That said, 1 item was missing from my order. Dave got back to me about it quick and confirmed he'd not packed it(!), so now I'm just waiting for it to arrive on its own.

Abboegail Vale-Jones
Lovely kit been fancying some tea for ages

Great about of stuff perfect measurements for 4 teas but I would rather different bubbles personally not fused on apple but overall still lovely

Cherry bubble tea kit

This is my 2nd tea kit and it is so quick and easy to make.
They taste amazing and work out cheaper than buying from shops.
Will be buying some more different flavours to find out which is my favourite.


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Bubble tea is a fruity or milky tea-based drink, created in the 1980s in Taiwan. What makes the drink very unique is that you get ‘toppings’ which are added to your drink. These toppings can range from traditional tapioca pearls, to popping juice balls, which when the drink is drank through a fat straw, are eaten at the same time as being drank!

All of our bubble tea kits are super easy to make. They come with a simple step by step recipe booklet using the exact recipes from our bubble tea shop. You can see our super easy instructions HERE 

1. Choose your kit size 📦

2. Choose your bubble tea flavours: milk, fruit or both 🧋

3. Choose your toppings: popping juice balls, tapioca pearls or jelly 🧋

4. Wait for our delivery partner to deliver your Bubble Tea kit right to your doorstep 🚚

Only around 5 minutes 🤯

Depends on how often you need your boba fix 🤣. All of our bubble tea ingredients have a shelf life of 2-4 months from ordering. Once opened we recommend using the contents of your kit within two weeks. Storage conditions and shelf life information can be found on the products.

Absolutely! You will receive the exact recipes and same premium ingredients we used in our bubble tea shop. We have been told that our kits taste better than some bubble tea shops 🤯