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Store Supervisor

Application closing date 19.08.19

About Us:

Hello from Manhua Cha! We're glad you've come across our advert and hope you like what you see. We're a home-grown Bubble Tea business right in the heart of Newcastle. We have a brilliant team and thanks to hard work and great customers, we're seeking an excellent Store Supervisor to join us on our adventure to expand.

So, you might be thinking what is Bubble Tea? Well, put simply, Bubble Tea is a delicious milk or fruit-based drink which has hundreds of flavour possibilities - and that's before we look at toppings, too! We have vegan friendly options, so there really is something for everyone. Tea-riffic, don't you think?

Our shop is cleverly designed and fitted out. It's where we serve our customers and make our Bubble Tea drinks.  Plus, we offer Bubble Tea products for our customers to buy so they can make and enjoy their favourite drink at home! We also sell other unique confectionery items that our customers love.

We're genuine, honest and energetic. If you look at our customer feedback, they think we're pretty great too! We pride ourselves in providing the best retail experience and we always try to improve even when things are already good.

Teamwork is the recipe for success. We love to hold staff meetings with a twist; exploring new recipes, holding taste testing’s, and of course bouncing around (or, bubbling around?) the ideas and experiences you bring. We want you to be involved in the business and we’re all about sharing success as a team.

About the Role:

As Store Supervisor, you will be responsible for leading the small team and making sure that customer care and drink preparation is executed to the highest standards possible. This means that your job will include duties such as:

  • Making various hot and cold tea beverages to a consistently high standard and ensuring the other team members are doing the same
  • Serving customers quickly, providing excellent and friendly service
  • Responding to customers' needs, answering questions knowledgeably and confidently and resolving any issues effectively
  • Leading the team members during the shift and ensuring the levels of customer care are consistently high
  • Training and developing team members providing coaching and feedback
  • Acting as the point of escalation for team members and customers during a shift
  • Controlling stock - managing and replenishing stock levels, placing orders when necessary and minimising waste
  • Collecting stock from various locations - a clean and valid driving licence is required
  • Preparing the shop for opening and closing including shift handovers. This also means taking part and overseeing cleaning duties to the required standards
  • Escalating issues responsively and clearly to Store Managers. Also pro-actively communicating new ideas to management. Nothing can progress without change! We'd love to hear anything from organisational ideas to new recipes.
  • Understanding and supporting business administration and operational processes required to run a small business; maintaining health and safety standards and upholding a 5 star hygiene rating

The role is based on a minimum of 16 hours per week including shifts at weekends. We're open 7 days a week and remain open on bank holidays, except for Christmas Day and New Year's Day. We'll talk to you about your ideal working patterns and we'll work with you to try and accommodate your needs. We are a team and we work together to try and find a roster that works for everyone. We truly care about our staff; we are as flexible as possible for them when they need us and this has built enduring and compassionate relationships within the team.

About You:

We are looking for a retail / hospitality superhero! Maybe you have worked in hospitality whether that's in restaurants, cafes, hotels, or in customer service or retail. You'll have some supervisory and team leadership experience which means that you're comfortable being in charge managing the shop and the team when there isn't a Store Manager present.

We are proud of what we do, and we have high standards so you will be someone who works efficiently, can multi task and ensures that the impeccable levels of service our customers naturally expect are upheld. We love a good energy and "bubbly" personality (we couldn't resist that joke!).

Other things you’ll bring to the team include:

  • Having an eye for detail and being able to pick up when things aren’t up to scratch and be able to rectify that quickly
  • Being able to learn quickly, retaining information and sharing relevant details with team members, management and customers
  • Adapting quickly to fast paced situations and thriving under pressure or busy times
  • Bringing a proactive and ‘let's-do-this’ attitude with a dose of initiative stirred in!
  • Being self-motivated and able to motivate and inspire the team to do great work
  • Good decision making skills based on common sense and business savviness
  • Constantly seeking new ways to go above and beyond

As a mentor and leader to other team members, you’ll love leading by example and be able to demonstrate great time keeping, reliability and enthusiasm for your job.

Next Steps

If all this sounds like you to a tea (sorry, another one we had to slip in) then all you need to do is apply by sending your CV & cover letter to or drop in store at Unit 15, Stack Newcastle. We’ll review your application and be in touch with the next steps of the process. We’re really sorry but we won’t be able to contact everyone who applies so if you don’t hear from us, it’s not that we don’t think you’re great, but more like someone else with the skills and experience we’re looking for has just pipped you to the post.