By David Hall

Alternative Uses For Bubble Tea Toppings

One of the most addictive parts of drinking boba tea is the yummy toppings that sit at the bottom of your glass! Whether you prefer tapioca pearls, flavoured popping juice balls or jelly, they’re a delicious addition to any bubble tea drink, and are the main reason many people go back for more! But boba tea toppings don’t just have to be enjoyed in your tea.

There are many different, yummy uses for the toppings, all perfect for the sweet tooth in all of us! Here at Manhua Cha, we sell and deliver delicious kits to help you enjoy bubble tea at home! Whether you prefer fruit or milk tea, you can choose your favourite flavour and toppings, and a do-it-yourself kit can be delivered straight to your door! Got some toppings left over from your last kit? Read our article to discover how else you can enjoy them!

Alcoholic Drinks

Looking for new ways to spice up your quarantine cocktails? Why not add some popping boba or jelly to your next tipple? Our fruit flavoured toppings go perfectly with flavoured gins, and their popping qualities make them a fun addition to your preferred party drink! Packed with real fruit juices, they add something a little extra to your drink.

Here at Manhua Cha, our delicious boba tea toppings can be sold separately to our kits! You don’t have to buy a bubble tea kit to get your hands on our array of flavours. Visit us here to buy some toppings separately!


Once you’ve found yourself with some boba tea toppings left over from your last kit, don’t be quick to throw them away! Tapioca has been known to go well as a dessert, with tapioca pudding cementing itself as a school dinner favourite! As long as the pearls and sugar syrup that you’ve cooked still have a shelf life, add them to your next dessert for an extra kick of sweetness.

Popping boba tea toppings can pair incredibly well with ice creams of all flavours, once again adding more fun and flavour to an already delicious treat! Our kits come with an easy to follow bubble tea recipe, with a step by step guide also provided if you opt for tapioca pearls. With black tea bags and green tea provided for milk and fruit tea respectively, you’ll have everything you need to prepare the perfect beverage!

Assorted Drinks

Not an alcohol fan, or just not quite old enough? No problem! You can try adding your leftover toppings to a range of soft drinks. If you choose to experiment with a fizzy drink, the boba pearls will start to float to the top of your drink, perfect if you’re without a straw!

There are a range of flavoured toppings out there for you to try, both in the form of pearls and jelly! Our reputable bubble tea kits come with everything you need to make the perfect drink, and they can be delivered to homes across the UK! To view our ‘bubble tea at home’ range, please visit us here.


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