About Us

Welcome to the Manhua Cha Bubble Tea Universe!

Hello, and welcome to the Manhua Cha Bubble Tea Universe.

We are here to provide everything you need to make your own version of your favourite bubble tea, with our unique super-powered bubble tea accessories.

We endeavour to bring you the best bubble tea style drinks from around the globe, making them available at the click of a mouse.

We’re always happy to take drink or flavour requests; if we can source it, we’ll introduce it to the Manhua Cha Bubble Tea Universe!" If you have any requests, feel free to get in touch (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email).

Keep your eyes peeled for the Manhua Cha Bubble Tea Universe appearing at an event near you. Events.

Thanks for visiting!

Dave & Carine

Captain Manhua & Ms Manhua

There is a story behind how our bubble tea is super powered, but that’s a story for another time, perhaps over a cool refreshing bubble tea? In the meantime, enjoy a free copy of our comic book (here).

bubble tea comic book