What is Manhua Cha?

We are a mobile bubble tea company serving refreshing bubble tea from our custom built catering trailer. We also attend comic cons and other events with our table top set up around the country. Serving our super powered bubble tea and/or our #powerup juice balls.

What does Manhua Cha mean?

Manhua are Chinese comics produced in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The word "manhua", literally translating to "impromptu sketches", is originally an 18th-century term used in Chinese literati painting. It became popular in Japan as manga in the early 19th century. Cha means tea. So our name means ‘Comic Tea’.

What is bubble tea?

Bubble tea is a fruity or milky tea based drink created in the 1980s in Taiwan. What makes the drink very unique is that you get ‘toppings’ which are added to your drink. These toppings can range from traditional tapioca pearls, to popping juice balls which when the drink is drank through a fat straw, are eaten at the same time as being drank.

Is bubble tea suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

YES. Everything we serve is suitable for vegetarians. The only thing not suitable for vegans are our milk teas.

What are poppin’ juice balls?

They are little balls of juice that pop in your mouth when bitten into. Traditionally found as a topping in bubble tea, we have developed them into their own product to be used however you like. They are a great addition to any drink or go well on desserts such as ice cream and yoghurts.

Do they dissolve/melt?

They aren’t designed to dissolve, however they will eventually if they are left in a drink for a long period of time. We’re talking a month or two. They will start to break down at temperatures of more than 80 Celsius.

What are the juice balls made from?

Our juice balls are made from a seaweed extract. This means that they’re suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We always recommend that you read the label though.

Where do you deliver to?

We currently only deliver to the UK mainland.

How much is delivery?

£2.99 Second Class (2-3 working days)

£3.99 First Class (1-2 working days)

What delivery method do you use?

We use Royal Mail for all our deliveries.

Can I upgrade my delivery to get it quicker or tracked?

Absolutely. If you have special requirements please get in touch. Upgraded deliveries may incur an additional charge.

Can I order online and collect at a convention?

Of course. If we’re heading to a convention near you, get in touch before you place your order and we’d be happy to arrange to see you at the convention.

How can I find out what events you’ll be attending?

You can find this information on our events page of this site. Alternatively sign up to our mailing list and like us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat) to be kept up to date with our events.

Do you have a shop?

Not yet.

Can I come and buy a bubble tea if you aren’t at an event?

If you are in or around Newcastle upon Tyne we could possibly arrange this. Get in touch.

Will there be more comics?

YES! The Manhua Cha comic book universe is a huge part of our lives. If you’re an artist or writer get in touch and find out how you can help us expand it.

Do you only take the trailer to certain events?

There is a lot to consider when looking at events to trade at. We don’t always take the trailer, however we do have a table top set up which we use too. If you want more information on seeing us at your event, get in touch.