By David Hall

Everything You Need to Know about Japanese Ramune Soda!

A popular drink that brings the feeling of Japanese summertime, Ramune soda is a fan favourite across the world! Now made and replicated by different companies, Japanese Ramune soda comes in a range of flavours, and is easier to find here in the UK than you think! From its unusual bottle design to its fruity flavours, it’s a soda that soft drink fans across the world need to try today.

As well as crafting and delivering boba tea kits across the UK, we here at Manhua Cha also stock international treats and drinks that can be delivered straight to your door. From American sweets to Asian snacks and beverages, we’ve got your next favourite treat here! Read our article below to discover more about the delicious Japanese Ramune soda!


Way back in 1884, Ramune was founded in the Japanese city of Kobe by Scottish pharmacist Alexander Cameron Sim, earning its name through the Japanese borrowing of the word “lemon.” It quickly gained popularity for its delicious taste, and over a hundred years later, is now cemented as one of Japan’s “summer soda’s.”

The drink is clear in colour, but comes in a range of different flavours! It’s original, signature “Ramune” flavour is lemon and lime, but comes in fruity favourites such as melon, strawberry and grape! You can view our Ramune range here.

Bottle Design

One of Japanese Ramune soda’s most unique traits is its bottle shape, known as Codd-neck bottles. Made of glass and sealed with a marble, they are usually described as hard to drink the first time around. The marble is pushed into the neck of the bottle and rattles around, giving Ramune soda the nickname “marble soda.” Codd-neck bottles have fallen out of fashion in recent years, making Japanese Ramune soda that bit more unique!

Here at Manhua Cha, as well as delivering yummy bubble tea in the UK, we have a range of international soda’s for you to try. As well as Ramune, we have the fun and fruity Pokemon soda range, which you can find here!

Yummy Flavours!

Ramune soda has become a staple of Japanese culture, and with good reason. It’s unique bottle and range of delicious flavours give it a reputation for being a symbol of Japanese summer. There are around 55 flavours of Ramune to choose from, each one with an original kick and delicious taste! 

Here at Manhua Cha, we stock a range of Ramune flavours, including well known options like citrus and orange, to more exotic choices such as lychee. You can view our 4 for £10 deal here on our website!


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