By Cara Sidney

Not a fan of tea? We've got you! Vegan? No problem!

Not a fan of tea? We’ve got you! 

If you're an avid Bubble Tea drinker you may already know that a Brown Sugar  Fresh Milk Bubble “Tea” doesn’t actually contain any Tea like other Milk Teas do. So if you’re not a fan of Tea but you want that sweet Milk Boba experience - this is the drink for you! 3 ingredients are all you need to make this drink, Brown sugar syrup, Tapioca pearls & your choice of milk. You can grab your Brown sugar syrup and Tapioca pearls here

The beauty of this drink is that you can use any milk you like - it’s great with soy milk as a dairy alternative! If you’re vegan and wondering - Tapioca Pearls are plant-based and our brown sugar syrup is vegan too! So everyone can enjoy this boba experience! 

You may have seen this aesthetically pleasing drink on social media with the brown sugar swirled around the glass. If you want to know how to achieve this - Keep reading! 
As always, cook your tapioca as per the instructions on the packet, then follow these simple easy steps to get the ‘tiger stripe’ drink! You may have seen

  1. Pour 20mls of Brown sugar over your cooked tapioca, allow it to soak in for about 15-20 minutes. The longer you leave it the better the taste! Add to your glass when ready.
  2. Tilt your glass slightly to the side and pour 20ml (or however much you like! If you have a sweet tooth add more)  of brown sugar down the sides of the glass swirling the glass round as you do to create those ‘tiger stripes’ 
  3. Add your milk of choice and ice cubes & enjoy! 

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