By David Hall

Tasty American Treats All Brits Need to Try

You often see them on American television programmes and films; popular treats that look incredibly delicious, but you can't find them anywhere in the UK. You might get lucky if you patrol the international foods aisle in your local supermarket, but some snacks are true delicacies. Luckily, we've got you covered here at Manhua Cha!

As well as serving delicious boba tea in our bubble tea store, and delivering handy bubble tea kits to homes across the UK, we stock a vast collection of yummy American and Asian snacks that are pretty hard to find here in the UK! Our American drinks collections pair perfectly with our popping juice balls, and our snacks can be enjoyed with your bubble tea drink! Ready to experience a taste of the states? Read on below!

Pop Tarts

A snack that has increased in popularity over the years in the UK, it’s not hard to find Pop Tarts in your local supermarket nowadays! They're incredibly popular across the pond, and it’s no surprise. A sugary filling encased between two thin sheets of pastry, Pop Tarts come in a range of different flavours, such as chocolate chip cookie dough and strawberry milkshake.  

We have a range of delicious flavours here at Manhua Cha, including cinnamon and blueberry! You can enjoy these treats cold, but they taste so much better once warmed up! Just pop them in your toaster and enjoy! You can view our complete range here.


Are you a fan of sweets that have a chewy texture and tangy flavour? Then AirHeads are perfect for you! These candies are available in 16 different flavours, with popular options including strawberry and watermelon. We also stock AirHead bites for quick burst of flavour, with 'paradise' tastes such as raspberry lemonade and blue Hawaiian.

AirHeads are the perfect sweet tweets if you're a fan of fruity bubble tea, with their array of flavours bound to satisfy everyone's taste buds! Here at Manhua Cha, we have a collection of fruit and milk tea flavours, and toppings ranging from tapioca pearls, popping juice balls and jelly! Looking for some reusable items for your next boba beverage? Check out our bubble tea straws and cups here.


Another candy you may find around British supermarkets, Nerds are tasty little treats with a bit of a tangy kick! Nerds resemble tiny rocks, with different flavours exhibiting different colours! Popular flavours include strawberry and apple, and they come in different variants, ranging from tiny rocks to long ropes of candy!

A popular Nerd’s option are the gummy clusters, which have the recognisable tangy crunch on the outside, but have a sweet, gummy centre! Fancy trying some Nerds for yourself? Visit our collection here.


The candies we've listed above are just three of many different American sweets for you to try! There are so many to choose from that you'll be spoilt for choice, as our complete collection of sweets in stock is full to the brim with flavour. Luckily, we've created tasty bundles if you can't decide on just one candy, so you can snack to your heart's content!

Our American Pick & Mix is loaded with US favourites such as Laffy Taffy, AirHeads and Tootsie Rolls! This delicious pack has the ultimate American taste, with treats that are hard to find here in the UK. Want to discover more about our American collection? Visit us here!


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