By David Hall

Tasty Snacks that Pair Perfectly with Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is a marvel all on its own; not only does it taste delicious and come in a range of different flavours, but it also has the unique addition of tasty toppings! But, like with a traditional cup of tea, a great snack to go alongside it can really go a long way. Whether you're a milk tea or fruit tea fan, don't shy away from enjoying a tasty treat with your yummy boba tea.

Here at Manhua Cha, we don't just craft delicious drinks at our bubble tea store in Newcastle; we deliver handy DIY bubble tea kits to homes across the UK! We also stock tasty Asian and American sweets and snacks that are hard to find here in the UK, allowing you to explore your taste horizons! Looking for the perfect snack to enjoy with your homemade bubble tea? Read our latest article below!


A popular Asian treat, mochi is a chewy, sweet rice cake with a delicious centre. Mochi varies in flavour; you can enjoy fruity favourites such as strawberry, or you can opt for more traditional flavours such as taro and matcha. They're popular around the world, and even come filled with ice cream! They pair perfectly with fruit tea, making a tasty combination you're sure to love.

We have a wide variety of mochi flavours here at Manhua Cha, such as mixed fruit and green tea. Our mochi can even be included in our mystery boxes! If you wish to view our full Asian collection, please visit us here. If you're just looking for a handy bubble tea kit, you can find our array of flavours here.


A popular snack in Asia, Pocky is a stick-shaped chocolate coated biscuit. Coming in a range of flavours such as cookies and cream and banana, it's a great option for enjoying with a traditional cup of tea, and even bubble tea. Our hot bubble tea is the perfect variant for these biscuits, as they make for a tasty afternoon treat! 

A unique variant to our traditional ice-cold bubble tea, hot bubble tea comes in a range of winter flavours. From gingerbread to toasted marshmallow, Pocky can work perfectly with your hot bubble tea to give you a unique alternative to typical tea and biscuits. Toppings such as tapioca pearls and jelly are the optimal choice, so if you fancy giving it a go, please visit us here!

Calypso Lemonade

It might not be a snack, but a bottle of Calypso lemonade or limeade is a great choice if you've ran out of bubble tea and have some tasty toppings left over. Popping juice balls and jelly don't just belong in boba tea; they can be enjoyed with several desserts, drinks and alcoholic beverages. You can read more about the alternative uses for toppings here!

Calypso lemonade comes in a range of different flavours, making them a great choice for any toppings you may have left over. When sucked up through a chunky straw, they add an extra burst of flavour to an already delicious drink! To view the Calypso flavours we have on offer, you can visit us here.


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