By David Hall

Welcome Summer with These Refreshing Bubble Tea Picks!

As the weather finally starts to pick up, we all have our summer traditions that let us know that the warmer temperatures are finally here. Stocking up on sun cream, buying disposable BBQ's and refreshing our wardrobes are all ways in which we can make the hot weather more bearable. If you're a boba tea connoisseur, then it's time to prepare yourself with the most refreshing flavours around, and as we sell bubble tea kits in the UK, we're here to help!

At Manhua Cha, we sell delicious beverages at our bubble tea store in Newcastle, and we also deliver tasty DIY kits to homes across the UK! You can choose from a range of flavours and toppings perfectly suited to your tastes, and all kits come with an easy to follow recipe. Ready to discover the best flavours for summer? Read our latest article below!

Strawberry Milk Tea

Often compared to a strawberry milkshake, strawberry milk tea is an incredibly popular flavour enjoyed by millions worldwide. When paired with raspberry popping juice balls, it makes for a fruity, flavoursome combination you're bound to love! It's great for cooling down on a hot summer’s day, whether you're out and about or chilling in the garden.

We recommend strawberry milk tea for beginners, as it’s a fan favourite and tastes delicious with a range of toppings. You can view our complete collection of bubble tea kits for beginners here!

Passion Fruit Tea

A more tropical option, passion fruit tea is to die for. Iced tea is a popular choice for sipping around the pool when we're abroad, and passion fruit tea provides all these refreshing benefits, but with the unique addition of toppings! You can never go wrong with peach popping juice balls in fruity drinks like this, as they add an extra pop of flavour.

Toppings such as tapioca pearls, popping juice balls and jelly here at Manhua Cha are all suitable for vegetarians! Our juice balls are made from seaweed extract, whereas our jelly is made from coconut pulp. You can view the rest of our toppings here, as they're perfect for desserts and cocktails too.

Watermelon Fruit Tea

Watermelons are incredibly juicy, and make for a great snack on a summers day. The watermelon flavoured boba tea is no exception to this, and tastes perfect when you're sat in the garden soaking up the sun! 

Bubble tea at home tastes so much better when there's an environmental incentive included! Our reusable bubble tea cup and straws are great if you're a boba tea enthusiast, and you can find our complete reusable collection here.

Mango Milk Tea

Like passion fruit, mango is a more tropical flavour, but for a unique twist, why not opt for the milk tea variant? Mango-flavoured treats are renowned for being incredibly tasty, but mango boba tea with passion fruit flavoured juice balls is a tropical sensation, and is one of our top fruity picks!

Whether you prefer your bubble tea piping hit or traditionally ice-cold, we've got the perfect beverage here for you at Manhua Cha! To view the rest of our tasty kits, please visit our main site here.


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