By David Hall

We're coming home!

We've got some exciting news to share with our North East customers - Manhua Cha is coming home! We're thrilled to announce the opening of our brand-new store in Grainger Market this May, where we'll be bringing you the most incredible bubble tea creations you've ever tasted.

At Manhua Cha, we're all about innovation and pushing the boundaries of bubble tea flavours. Our new store will feature classic favourites from our old shop at Stack, as well as new, never-seen-before creations that are sure to surprise and delight your taste buds. We're taking bubble tea to a whole new level, and we can't wait to share our latest creations with you.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to quality and using only the best ingredients in all our products.

Our new store in Grainger Market is the perfect location for us to expand our bubble tea empire in Newcastle. We're thrilled to bring our unique and innovative flavours to the heart of the city, and we can't wait to see your reactions.

At Manhua Cha, we believe that bubble tea is not just a drink, but an experience. We want our customers to have the ultimate bubble tea experience every time they visit us.

So what are you waiting for? Come join us at our new store in Grainger Market and experience the most incredible bubble tea creations that Newcastle has ever seen.

Keep your eyes on our social media for our opening date announcement.


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