By David Hall

What is Taro?

Bubble tea beverages come in a range of tasty yet unusual flavours. You can get milk tea that tastes of mango, and there's even an Irn Bru fruit tea option for fizzy drink fans! One of the great advantages of bubble tea is that it comes in a range of different flavours to suit everyone, both in the drink and in the topping. With our helpful bubble tea kits, you can add your favourite flavour to your bubble tea at home!

One of the most unusual tea flavours, however, is taro. Typically a starchy root vegetable grown in Asia, taro is considered to taste quite like sweet potato. If you find yourself thinking, "why on Earth would someone want potato in their tea?," you're not alone. It's an unusual combination, but it's incredibly popular and is actually really tasty!

Here at Manhua Cha, located at The Stack, Newcastle, we serve a range of flavours for both warm and ice teas, including taro! We have a range of delicious bubble tea recipes in our kits which can be delivered straight to your door or served in our bubble tea shop. We also offer an exciting range of toppings, such as tapioca pearls and popping juice balls.

Have you ever wondered what taro is? Read our article to find out more.

Benefits of Taro

Like all vegetables, taro boasts an assortment of different health benefits. It's extremely rich in fibre and a range of other nutrients, including vitamin C, B and potassium! The inclusion of fibre means it's a great asset for blood sugar management, as it has no direct impact on your blood sugar levels. Taro is also great for your overall stomach health, as it promotes the growth of good bacteria to help your organs keep ticking on!

Purchasing taro bubble tea is a quick and easy way to add the root vegetable into your diet, and it's incredibly tasty too. All of our milk bubble tea kits come with black tea bags, milk powder, and a topping of your choice, whether that be tapioca pearls, jelly or popping juice balls. For a quick and easy way to make bubble tea at home, our kits are the perfect choice. And if taro is your favourite flavour, then you've got the added bonus of great health benefits.

In Bubble Tea

If you order a taro bubble tea, it is purple in colour, and has a sweet taste that many say resembles sweet potato. Taro milk tea is creamier than most bubble tea, due to the starchy taro root. It's a popular choice with bubble tea fans, and as a solo ingredient, it is incredibly popular in Southeast Asian cuisine.

Here at Manhua Cha, located at The Stack, Newcastle, we craft and serve a range of delicious bubble teas, both in fruit and milk variations. Our bubble tea kits can provide from four to twelve drinks, and the choice of flavour and topping is completely up to you! If you decide to try Taro bubble tea at home, our kits come with an easy to follow recipe perfect for bubble tea experts and novices alike!

If you would like to view our vast, delicious range of flavours and toppings, you can view our collection of bubble tea kits here. You can order your kits directly from our website, and we even offer reusable cups, straws and tasty snacks and drinks. Alternatively, you can visit us at our independent store at The Stack in Newcastle!


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