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Which Toppings Go Best with Popular Boba Tea Flavours?

Bubble tea wouldn't be bubble tea without its unique toppings! These delicious additions bring the essence of what makes boba tea special, and they're a big part of what brings people back for more. We've already written about our brand-new collection for boba beginners, but if you're looking for ways to pair your flavours perfectly, we've got the list for you!

Here at Manhua Cha, we make delicious bubble tea in Newcastle, and deliver our handy DIY boba tea kits to homes across the UK! Our kits are the perfect way for you to enjoy your favourite boba beverage at home, with kits full of all the ingredients you'll need! Read our latest article below to discover which toppings go perfectly with the most popular flavours!

Matcha and Taro

Two of the more traditional flavours that boba tea has to offer, matcha and taro are packed full of flavour. Matcha is green in colour and has an earthy, creamy taste, whereas taro is purple, and has a more nutty, vanilla kind of flavour. When enjoyed in a tasty bubble milk tea, tapioca pearls are the traditional choice, but they're also the best. Their sweet and chewy texture complements both flavours perfectly and makes for a tasty treat!

Our bubble tea kits here at Manhua Cha come with a collection of flavours and toppings to choose from, allowing you to mix and match as you please. Not a tea fan? Our brown sugar milk kits allow you to enjoy the boba tea experience with yummy tapioca pearls without the tea!


One of the most popular flavours in our bubble tea sets, strawberry milk tea is a fan favourite simply due to its recognisable, delicious flavour! It's like a strawberry milkshake, but when paired with a tasty topping, it takes on a life of its own. Strawberry milk tea tastes perfect with raspberry popping juice balls, providing the optimal berry blast!

Popping juice balls are a popular choice for all kinds of boba tea flavours, especially the fruitier milk and fruit tea options. When sucked up through a chunky boba straw, they pop in your mouth for a surprising extra burst of flavour! You can view our full collection here.


Are you into your more tropical flavours? Mango is a popular option enjoyed by millions of people worldwide and makes for a refreshing beverage in the summer months! No matter whether you opt for a milk or fruit tea variant, mango is a yummy treat, and tastes even better when paired with passion fruit popping juice balls. This exotic concoction is great if you're new and want to try making bubble tea at home!

Our boba tea kits for beginners have a special tropical kit for anyone who has a more exotic pallet. You can view the rest of our beginner’s kits here.


A recognisable flavour across the globe, you can never go wrong with apple. It's an easy flavour if you're not looking for something too out-there, and when incorporated into bubble tea, it's bound to go down a treat! Apple fruit tea tastes delicious when paired with cherry popping juice balls, as it combines two popular flavours to create the ultimate bubble tea experience!

Here at Manhua Cha, we have a vast range of bubble tea kits and reusable items perfect for all boba tea lovers, such as stainless steel straws and cups! To view our entire reusable collection, please visit us here!

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