By David Hall

Why Has Bubble Tea Become So Popular?

Unless you've been living under a rock these past few years, you've probably heard of the delicious Taiwanese drink that is bubble tea. Available in a range of different flavours and toppings, such as popping boba and tapioca pearls, it's a tea with a twist! The yummy toppings sit at the bottom of your cup, waiting to be sucked up by a chunky straw. But why is it so popular?

Bubble tea stores are popping up across the country, especially in bigger towns and cities. If it's not that practical for you to venture to your closest shop, our boba tea kits can be delivered straight to your door across the UK! Enjoying bubble tea at home has never been easier, especially with our easy-to-follow bubble tea recipe! Do you want to know what all the fuss is about? Read on below!

There's a Collection of Flavours to Choose From

Like regular tea, boba tea comes in many different flavours. Forget your earl greys and chamomile, bubble tea comes in tasty flavours such as strawberry, honeydew melon and even Vimto! Bubble tea got its start as a simple milk tea with tapioca pearls; now, you can try so many different variants, either as a milk tea, fruit tea or with brown sugar!

As well as mixing and matching your flavours, you can also try different toppings to switch up your combos. Our bubble tea kits come in different sizes, perfect if you're just starting out or you're a boba connoisseur. You can view our full collection of flavours here!

It's Unique

Boba tea isn't your average cup of tea; its flavours are like nothing else, and the toppings make it completely unique. The tapioca pearls give it extra texture, and it's nothing like the pudding you used to get in school. Tapioca isn't for everyone, so you can even opt for popping juice balls or jelly. The beauty of DIY boba kits is that you can mix and match flavours to suit you, allowing you to find the best flavour!

If you're not a tea fan but want to experience bubble tea in all its glory, brown sugar milk tea is just like a tasty caramel milkshake, with no tea included! The tapioca pearls still give you the boba tea feel, so you're not missing out!

It's More Than Just a Novelty Drink

Over the past few years, bubble tea has shown that it's here to stay! It is consumed by millions across the globe and has proven that it isn't just a novelty drink that will go out of fashion anytime soon. You'll see people across the country, out and about, enjoying this tasty drink, with its distinct toppings sitting at the bottom of their cup!

All of our kits here at Manhua Cha can be tailored to your preferences exactly, putting you in charge of the flavour and topping combinations that you prefer! To browse our "Bubble Tea at Home" collection, visit us here.


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