By David Hall

Why not just Bubble Tea?

Fanta and Bubble tea popping juice balls

Fizzy Drinks? What about bubble tea?

So we thought we'd do a quick blog post to explain our move into 'other' drinks.

We have travelled the country visiting all sorts of different events. Bubble Tea is always a huge hit, as are our Poppin' Juice Balls. However we are often asked lots of different questions about our Poppin' Juice Balls....

How do I make bubble tea at home?

What kind of tea/drinks do you put these into?

Do they work in hot drinks?

So...... we decided to introduce a range of 'other' drinks to help you realise the true potential of our Poppin' Juice Balls. These little balls of Bubble Tea joy work in anything from water, to fizzy pop, milkshakes to smoothies, yogurts to ice cream, and everything in between! Why not try one of these new cans with your poppin' juice balls?

Get your chunky straws and spoons at the ready!


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