By David Hall

Why Our Mystery Bundles Are the Perfect Gift!

If you know someone who loves their sweets and snacks, you'll know that they're pretty easy to buy for! They love a box of chocolates, and they'll never say no to eating something sweet. The next time it comes to getting them a gift, why not look to something more unique to show you really care? If they love your average, run-of-the-mill sweets, then they're bund to love our international collection here at Manhua Cha! From a taste of the states to some Asian goodies, we've got your covered.

We stock and sell delicious American and Asian snacks and sweets perfect for the sweet tooth in your life. Whether you're looking for a mystery bundle or you'd like to pick and choose as you please, our collection is full of candies and treats that are hard to find here in the UK. If you're looking for the next perfect gift, read our article below to see why mystery bundles are the perfect choice.

They Can Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

Anyone who loves candies is a guaranteed sweet tooth; they're called sweets for a reason! All of our mystery bundles are packed full of international treats guaranteed to surprise and satisfy. There's bound to be some goodies that your loved one hasn't tried before, and can keep them full of sugar for days and weeks to come!

If they're also a bubble tea connoisseur, consider one of our bubble tea gift sets, complete with both boba tea plus snacks and candies of your choice! Our bubble tea starter kit comes with a boba tea flavour and toppings of your choice, whether you prefer milk tea or fruit tea, with a delicious snack to accompany!

They're Perfect for Candy Fans!

There are so many different sweets out there to try, that there's bound to be some that they haven't tried yet! The international aisle in your local supermarket can only offer so much, whereas when you venture online, you can discover a range of tasty treats just waiting to be tried and tested!

You can choose between an American or Asian bundle here at Manhua Cha, or you can mix and match to discover both! Our 'Ultimate Set' comes with a tasty bubble tea kit for enjoying delicious bubble tea at home, as well as sodas and snacks chosen by you! To see what else the 'Ultimate Set' has to offer, you can view it here!

They're Something Different

The candy lover in your life probably receives the same gifts all the time; boxes of chocolates and pick and mix sweets are delicious presents that your loved one is bound to appreciate and enjoy, but why don't you switch it up a bit this time? 

It's pretty hard to find yummy treats such as Pocky, Laffy Taffy and Airheads here in the UK, unless you look online. Our mystery boxes come in a range of sizes and make the perfect gift, no matter the occasion! This American pick n' mix is full of favourites from across the pond, giving you that perfect taste of the states. To view our full candy collection, please visit us here!


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