Slush Recipe

You will need:

• Blender
• Handful of fruit (we used mixed berries in this video)
• Lots of ice (15-20 large cubes)
• Fruit syrup (we used strawberry in this video)
• Toppings
• Green Tea Bag

1. Brew 1 green tea bag in 100mls of hot water (just off the boil) for 1 minute
2. Pour the tea into the blender followed by 50ml of fruit syrup
3. Add a handful of fruit
4. Add ice
5. Blend until all the ice cubes are broken down
6. Drain 2 flat tablespoons of your toppings from the syrup and add them to your glass
7. Pour your fruit tea slush over the toppings
8. Grab your chunky straw and enjoy!
9. Snap a pic of your creation and tag us @manhuacha

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