Ordering for Christmas 2022

Christmas Preorders

Let us help you with the best Christmas gift for any Bubble Tea fanatic.

All of our bubble tea kits contain food stuffs & are therefore perishable with best before dates. Our Christmas pre orders will be released very soon on our website. This will allow you to get ahead of the rush, secure your favourite flavours and buy your Christmas gifts now. We won’t pack and ship your order until early December giving you peace of mind that your amazing gift will have the best possible dates for the recipient.

In the meantime we have created a small list of FAQ's specifically for ordering our products for Christmas

I want to order a bubble tea kit as a Christmas gift, what should I do?

We will be releasing a Christmas pre order section very soon (in the next week or so). You will be able to order for Christmas as soon as this is live.  

How do I store your bubble tea products when they arrive?

All of our bubble tea products must be stored in a cool dry environment away from sunlight. We would recommend putting popping juice balls or jellies into the fridge as soon as you can, but this is not essential.

Do you receive bubble tea cups in the kit?

No, we don't provide bubble tea cups with kits. Our bubble tea kits can be enjoyed in your normal cups and glasses you have at home :) We also sell reusable bubble tea cups HERE

I'm buying multiple kits as gifts for different people. How will they arrive?

As with most online retailers, multiple different products will arrive in the same box. This allows us to keep our products competitively priced and avoids wasted packaging. If you need certain items separated please get in touch and this can be arranged, however there may be a small additional charge. The best way to contact us is by emailing our customer support team - hello@manhuacha.com.

How will my order arrive?

As mentioned above, we will ship multiple items in the same box. Smaller orders will arrive in a box with a Manhua Cha branded sticker on the box and then put into a mailer bag. Larger order will arrive in a box with a Manhua Cha branded sticker. If you need your order to be discreet to avoid prying eyes, please get in touch and we will send orders in plain boxes. The best way to contact us is by emailing our customer support team - hello@manhuacha.com.

I'm new to bubble tea and don't know where to start

Don't worry, we've got a couple of options for you. You can filter both our Milk Tea Kit & Fruit Tea Kit collection by 'best sellers' or check out our Best Sellers collection here. We have a lot of articles about bubble tea in our blog section here or on our social media here. Of course you can get in touch with our customer support team at hello@manhuacha.com or ask our community here.