By David Hall

5 Christmas Present Ideas For Bubble Tea Fans!

With Christmas just around the corner, hopefully you’ve all made a start on your festive present shopping, but if you’re still hunting for the perfect gifts to give to friends and family, finding some bubble tea-inspired pressies could be just the ticket. Here are just a couple to get you started!

Bubble tea kit

Give someone everything they need to make their favourite drink from the comfort of their own home. Imagine how lovely Christmas Day would be, sitting down to a hot cup of bubble tea, in front of a roaring fire, watching everyone opening all those presents.

Bubble tea plushie

Anyone would love one of these very cute and cuddly little bubble tea plush pillows. They come in a variety of different sizes and lots of different colours, so you can have a great time picking out your favourite.

Bubble tea scrunchie

Looking for a stocking filler? Adding in a few scrunchies made in a quirky bubble tea fabric will definitely bring smiles to little faces in the morning.

Christmas tree ornament

Nothing quite says Christmas than a bubble tea-inspired tree decoration! It can hang there all season, reminding everyone of just how delicious the drink is. We imagine there will be a fair few cups made each day.

Boba tea soap

These boba tea soaps would also make lovely presents, each one handcrafted with natural oils, shea butter and coconut milk. Apparently, the lychee milk tea is a very popular option, with a delicious fruity fragrance and which will leave skin feeling ultra soft and smooth.


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