By David Hall

Bubble Tea for the Winter Months

When it comes to those cold winter nights, there's nothing better than being snuggled up in front of the TV with a nice hot beverage. Whether it's a tea-based drink or a yummy hot chocolate, nothing beats a classic winter warm-up in the form of a hot drink! This Christmas, why don't you break tradition and try a piping hot mug of bubble tea for the festive season.

Here at Manhua Cha, we make delicious bubble tea in Newcastle and can even deliver to homes across the country! We have plenty of flavours and toppings available, alongside fruit iced teas and milk tea variants perfect for everyone's preference. Our warm bubble tea kits come with original milk tea powder, flavoured syrup and a choice of yummy popping juice balls, tapioca pearls or jelly!

Trying to figure out what your perfect winter beverage includes? Read our article below for some inspiration!


There are so many flavours to choose from when it comes to hot boba tea. Some flavours are much more suited to the cold weather, but it all depends on your pallet and preferences. The perfect choices for winter boba tea include gingerbread, toasted marshmallow and roasted hazelnut, all the flavours you'd find at a Christmas market! You can browse our yummy selection of festive flavours here.

Whilst classic holiday treats are firm favourites in most coffee and tea shops this time of year, you can always opt for everyday flavours too. Bubble tea recipes don't always have to follow a theme, and we here at Manhua Cha have certain flavours available all year round! From fruity choices to flavoursome chocolate or coconut milk teas, we've got the flavour for you! You can even choose toppings such as popping juice balls, jelly or tapioca pearls.

Although they don't taste of very much on their own, some bubble tea shops flavour their tapioca pearls with brown sugar to give them a sweet kick. The most addictive thing about them, however, is their chewy texture. Here at Manhua Cha, we craft and sell delicious bubble tea in Newcastle, and can even deliver to you, wherever you are in the UK!

Our Bubble Tea Kits

During the pandemic, most bubble tea shops like ours have had to close to keep everyone safe. Lucky for you, we craft delicious bubble tea kits that can be sent directly to your door! Our winter warmer kits come with either four or twelve drinks included, and you can choose from a range of different flavours. All sets come with your choice of topping, and you can even add some extras such as biscuits and snacks if you fancy.

All kits come with milk powder and your choice of flavoured syrup, allowing you to try out new flavours at home. We have eight classic festive flavours to choose from, so whether you fancy caramel or popcorn, pumpkin spice or toffee crunch, we've got the flavour for you. You can also choose your preferred flavour in your toppings, as our popping juice balls come in lots of fruit flavours, and are filled with yummy fruit juice.

During the pandemic, small businesses like ours have found other ways to get your favourite products to you as safely as possible. That's why our yummy bubble tea in Newcastle can be delivered to your door! Whether you're looking for traditional bubble tea or warm festive treats, our bubble tea kits are perfect for you.

How to Order

Ordering bubble tea from our online store is incredibly easy and efficient. We have a range of different bubble tea kit sizes and formats, including our winter tea bundles and classic fruit options. If you prefer classic bubble tea, our kits are equipped with everything you need to get that taste you know and love.

All of our bubble milk tea kits come with black tea bags, milk powder, and your choice of flavouring and topping. You can even opt for straws or sale biscuits in every single one of our kits. Our hot winter bubble tea kits are the perfect choice for the festive seasons, combining the quirky aspect of bubble tea with the traditional flavours of holiday's past. Here at Manhua Cha, we know not everyone can get out right now for their favourite bubble tea beverage, and our kits allow you to enjoy that unique taste at home.

To make an order, and to view our range of kits and flavours, you can visit our website here. Orders take around 3-5 working days to arrive, so you can enjoy your favourite beverage in no time!


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