By David Hall

Back to School Boba Gifts for your Kids!

As children across the country make their way back to school, all the hard work and progress will begin to take shape once more! We all like to reward our kids every now and again, especially when they get good feedback from their teachers! Instead of treating them to a cheeky chocolate bar from the local shop, why not go above and beyond and present them with something a little different? With plenty of tasty bubble tea sets and delicious treats out there, you can reward your child in the best, tastiest way!

Here at Manhua Cha, we craft and deliver scrumptious bubble tea kits and international sweets perfect for enjoying from the comfort of your own home. Our vast collection of bubble tea kits are ideal for beginners and boba connoisseurs alike, with plenty of tasty flavours for your child to choose from. If your child is already working hard at school, it's time to treat them today!

Beginners Tea Sets

If your child is new to bubble tea, or they have a favourite flavour they tend to enjoy frequently, then a tasty bubble tea set might be the perfect surprise gift. From traditional milk tea to tropical peach and passion fruit tea, each kit comes with a bubble tea recipe to help your child have fun whilst they enjoy the flavoursome taste of their bubble tea gift! It's a great treat for when they get home from school; from making the tea to cooking the tapioca pearls (should you opt for them!), it can even be a great activity for you and your child to share. 

Making bubble tea at home is a walk in the park with our easy-to-follow kits and recipes! Our strawberry milk tea beginners kit come with tasty raspberry popping juice boba, presenting a fun addition to any bubble tea beverage! To view our full collection of beginners kits, please visit us here.

Yummy Mochi

If your child is big on Asian culture and cuisine, chances are, they've already heard of the delicious, chewy treat that is mochi. Available in a range of different flavours and variations, mochi is a Japanese rice cake with a gooey centre bursting with flavour! It's also a great snack to enjoy with a cup of bubble tea, and comes in traditional flavours such as matcha and taro, to more fruity flavours like mango and strawberry!

There's nothing sweeter than receiving a tasty box of mochi, and if your child has had a stressful day at school, it could make all the difference to their mood. We stock the delicious Royal Family mochi collection, with flavours ranging from tasty orange to classic matcha! To view our full collection of mochi treats, please visit us here.

Mystery Sweet Boxes

There aren't many kids out there that don't like sweets! All of those tales of teeth going rotten if they eat too much sugar seem to have escaped their cares, and if they eat their treats in moderation, they're sure to be fine! Our mystery sweet boxes here at Manhua Cha come with your choice of American or Asian treats, which your child probably hasn't tried before! After their next good report, why not get them a tasty bundle that's bound to last?

We do more than just stock delicious bubble tea sets and brown sugar milk tea variations; our American and Asian sweets can be bought separately or in our tasty bundles, which can be found here. Next time your child gets praise from their teacher, make sure they know how proud you are! Our full collection of bubble tea kits and international treats are perfect for a range of occasions and events, including birthdays and Christmas!


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