By David Hall

Bubble Tea Gifts Every Enthusiast Should Have!

When you know someone who's obsessed with boba tea, it's hard to find something from the wonderful world of boba that they have yet to try! Despite this, there still might be a hidden gem that they've yet to get their hands on. If their birthday is coming up, or you just want to show them how much they mean to you, we've got the perfect collection of kits and collectables to truly put a smile on their face!

Here at Manhua Cha, we craft and deliver delicious bubble tea kits to homes across the UK. Packed full of the ingredients and toppings of your choice, each kit comes with an easy-to-follow recipe perfect for making boba tea at home! Your bubble tea delivery could be a treat for yourself or a lovely gift, but what exactly do you get the boba tea connoisseur that has everything?

A Bubble Tea Cup and Straw

Your loved one probably visits their local boba tea shop regularly, but do they have a bubble tea cup and stainless steel straw that they can use over and over again? To help the planet and save on waste, reusable cups are the perfect bubble tea gift for anyone who often enjoys a cup of boba tea or two! If your loved one enjoys ordering delicious boba tea kits, a reusable cup is an ideal gift, allowing them to carry around their new beverage on the go!

Here at Manhua Cha, we have a collection of reusable items perfect for those who frequently enjoy a tasty glass of their favourite bubble tea flavour. This 700ml reusable bubble tea cup comes with a secure lid perfect for on the go drinking, allowing you to enjoy your drink whilst you're at work or out with friends! You can even pair your new cup with a reusable stainless steel straw, providing your loved one with the ultimate boba gift they're sure to love.

A Party Pack of Toppings

One of the best things about boba tea toppings is their versatility. Popping boba and jelly doesn't just have to sit at the bottom of your drink; they're great in desserts, soft drinks and cocktails! If your loved one's favourite thing about bubble tea is the tasty toppings, we have a party collection here at Manhua Cha that comes with eight toppings of your choice! If you need something a little bigger, the mega party pack comes with a whopping 12 tasty treats!

Everyone has their favourite boba toppings, whether that's delicious popping juice balls, flavoured jelly or classic tapioca pearls. All of our bubble tea kits come with your choice of flavour and topping, allowing you to craft your favourite drink from the comfort of your own home. To view our wide collection of bubble tea kits, please visit us here.

Weird and Wonderful Tapioca

Traditional milk tea and tapioca pearls is the classic choice; it's where bubble tea got its start, and it's now branched off into the wild and exotic flavours you see today! As the tea flavours have expanded, so have the tapioca pearls. The boba lover in your life may have heard of good old traditional tapioca pearls, but what about the other variations on offer. Green tea, lychee and even rainbow tapioca are available for you to experiment with, and make a great gift for all bubble tea connoisseurs!

Our tapioca variations are currently on offer here at Manhua Cha, all of which are fast cook for you enjoy straight away! This taro flavoured tapioca is incredibly popular, and tastes great with taro flavoured tea! If you're still not settled on the perfect gift, not to worry! We have a full collection of bubble tea kits, American and Asian snacks and sweets on offer on our website!


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