By David Hall

Coffee House Flavours Perfect for Bubble Tea

When it comes to delicious boba tea, you don’t have to settle for a handful of flavours. This is what makes bubble tea so great; there are so many fruity and sweet choices out there that there’s bound to be a flavour you love! If you love nothing more than venturing to the local coffee shop for a piping hot brew, did you know you can get these flavours in bubble tea form? What’s more, you can even get a bubble tea delivery straight to your home, allowing you to make bubble tea at home. 

Here at Manhua Cha, we do more than just craft delicious bubble tea in Newcastle. We pack your very own boba tea kit full of the flavours and toppings of your choice, and deliver it straight to your door across the UK. If you want to experiment with coffee shop flavours in your boba tea, read our article below! 

Hazelnut Latte

When the festive seasons come around, many people can’t wait for their favourite coffee shops such as Starbucks to start making those delightful seasonal drinks! Gingerbread lattes, black forest hot chocolates and pumpkin-spiced beverages will shortly be arriving, but there’s one flavour that’s already available in Costa! Hazelnut lattes are nutty and sweet, and are the perfect choice for expanding your coffee horizons.

Our boba tea flavours include yummy hazelnut, and when paired with yummy tapioca pearls, you’ve got a drink you can enjoy in all its glory. All you need to provide is the hot water; our kits come with tea bags (black tea for milk tea, and green tea for fruit tea), flavoured powder or syrup and your choice of toppings! To build your one bubble tea kit, please visit us here!

Cookies and Cream

There’s nothing that takes you back to your childhood quite like cookies and cream. Some children even left this combination for Santa because it’s just that yummy! You can now incorporate this flavour into one drink, allowing you to enjoy the creamy sweetness that it has to offer. You can even have it in bubble tea, and when matched with the best toppings, it’s a boba tea experience you won’t want to miss out on!

Cookies and cream boba tea tastes delicious when paired with tapioca pearls or chocolate popping juice balls, creating a sweet, creamy taste that might just become your favourite flavour!

Tiramisu Coffee

Tiramisu is a popular Italian dessert enjoyed worldwide, with a delicious taste enjoyed after any meal. You can now incorporate that delightful flavour with coffee to make a tasty drink that combines sweetness with caffeine. It’s an unusual bubble tea flavour, but a popular one nonetheless!

Here at Manhua Cha, we have boba tea kits perfect for all preferences! Whether you’re a boba newbie or a top connoisseur, we have the best bubble tea gift for you! Visit our homepage here to discover all of our tasty treats today.


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