By David Hall

Our Top Tips for Bubble Tea Newbies

Despite the fact that bubble tea has taken the world by storm in recent years, there are still people out there who haven’t tasted a single drop! Here at Manhua Cha, we won’t rest until everyone in the UK has had at least a little sip, so we’ve crafted a list of tips that all boba tea newbies should follow, whether they try a freshly made drink or a DIY bubble tea kit!

All of our bubble tea kits come with the ingredients and toppings of your choice, all ready for you to make bubble tea at home. Each kit also comes with a handy boba tea recipe, and you can even enjoy them hot or cold! New to bubble tea, and aren’t sure where to start? Read our helpful tips below! 

Try Traditional Tea with Tapioca at Least Once!

Traditional bubble tea is made of a yummy milk tea base topped with tapioca pearls. Of course, when we say “topped,” these yummy treats sit at the bottom of your cup. Traditional boba milk tea was the very first adaption of bubble tea, and is still a fan favourite to this day! When paired with a chunky, fat straw, you can suck up the tapioca and have the ultimate boba tea experience. Our boba tea kits come in a range of tea flavours, but we always highly recommend traditional tea for beginners to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes!

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Pick a Flavour You Know You Love

When you try cold or hot bubble tea for the first time, there’s no point swaying towards a flavour you aren’t sure you’ll like. Although we’ve suggested traditional bubble tea, you can always go for a fruity flavour you know you’ll enjoy in order to play it safe. Strawberry milk tea is a fan favourite amongst bubble tea lovers, as it resembles a strawberry milkshake! When paired with raspberry popping boba, you’re sure to experience a taste sensation.

Popping juice balls and jelly are a popular alternative to tapioca pearls, and taste great in milk and fruit tea alike. But which variation is best for you? That all depends on your preferences. 

To Milk or Not to Milk?

Do you prefer your drinks to be creamier like milkshakes or brown sugar milk tea? Or are you partial to an iced tea every now and again? Fruit tea is made from green tea and all flavours taste delicious, allowing you to cool down on a hot day. What’s more, is that they’re perfect for vegans! Milk tea is made from dairy products, but it's perfect for anyone who loves something a little thicker and creamier.

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