By Cara Sidney

Does the queen drink Bubble Tea?

Tea or Tea?

When someone says the word ‘Tea’ most people in the UK will often think of a nice hot cuppa straight away (others will think evening meal, but that's a different conversation altogether!)

Now how do you like your tea? Milk 2 sugars, is one of the most popular ways to drink English tea. What if we told you Bubble Tea is becoming increasingly popular for people's tea of choice! Yup! Bubble Tea is on the rise but does it actually contain tea?



So what's the difference between a cup of tea the Queen is associated with and Bubble Tea?

We’d love to say the Queen drinks Bubble Tea but sadly she most likely doesn’t (although she totally should). We would say the biggest difference is that you don't tend to add ‘toppings’ to your British cup of tea.

Bubble tea is a fruity or milk tea based drink traditionally served with tapioca (boba or pearls they also get called) or popping juice balls. More traditional toppings include aloe, grass jelly (which has a herbal taste) and egg pudding (which is basically custard). Bubble Tea is commonly made using green/black tea but can also be made with other types of tea; Oolong, Jasmine, Matcha.

The most traditional Bubble Tea drink that we feel everyone must try at least once consists of black tea, milk, sugar and tapioca pearls. This drink is always high up on any Bubble Tea menu and can be called a variety of different names ‘original milk tea’ ‘brown sugar milk tea’ ‘black milk tea’ ‘black sugar milk tea’ ‘pearl milk tea’ honestly the list is endless! We totally get why trying Bubble Tea for the first time could be so daunting!


Our kits

We use 2 types of tea in our kits to make delicious Bubble Tea: Green tea and Black Assam tea.

Green tea is commonly used in our fruit teas combined with our fruit syrups for flavour, some flavours of these include Peach, Mango, Strawberry, Lychee and Watermelon! They are refreshing, served hot or cold. Green tea is known for health benefits, so although we say Bubble Tea is to be consumed in moderation because of the sugar we do also acknowledge that Green Tea is seen to be high in polyphenols which are essentially micronutrients or you may know these are antioxidants which help protect the cells in your body.

We use Black Assam tea in our milk tea kits combined with our flavoured milk powders such as chocolate, cookies n cream, white chocolate, coconut and original milk - all of these can be served hot or cold. Black tea is one of the most commonly used teas especially in China and Taiwan due to its robust flavour, this means that when ice cubes & milk are mixed with it, it retains its flavour.

Why not have a browse of our most popular flavours if you’re stuck for inspiration on what to try!

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