By Cara Sidney

Bubble Tea Mocktails!

We know (nearly) everyone loves summer, there's nothing better than sipping on a cocktail or mocktail whilst relaxing on a beach or even just in your back garden.

A glass with a pink drink in with a slice of lemon and strawberry around the rim, with red popping juice balls in the bottom with raspberries.

We've come up with some cocktail inspired Bubble Tea flavour combinations for you to get into the summer spirit! 

Pina Colada -
Tea - Pinacolada Fruit Tea
Toppings - Coconut Jelly
Extras - Slices or chunks of pineapple (if cut small enough you can drink them through your straw!) 

Peach bellini -
Tea - Peach fruit tea
Toppings - Raspberry popping juice balls 
Extras - Raspberries and slices of peach (again use slices for top of glass decoration or cut into small chunks and drink them up through your straw!) 

Shirley Temple- 
Tea - Cherry fruit tea
Toppings- Lemon or Cherry juice balls 
Extras- A splash of lemonade or lemon-lime (you can use sprite or 7up for similar flavours) 

Why not play around with flavours and tag us in your summer combinations! @manhuacha 



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