By Cara Sidney

Schools out for summer!

Schools out for summer! 

When we think of summer holidays we think of BBQ's, the beach, going on holiday, parties, get togethers and all round fun! Why not add Bubble Tea to that train of thought this summer holiday!

If you’re having a BBQ why not offer Bubble Tea as one of your refreshments? Or if you have a children's party coming up why not host a DIY Bubble Tea party! Bubble Tea can fit into a lot of social situations and the fun of making it can be an occasion in itself! We love to see you all making your own Bubble Tea and really showing how fun & versatile it can be - Why not use some of your Bubble Tea toppings to decorate your desserts too! 

We have the perfect party pack available on our website ‘The ultimate set’ contains everything you need to enjoy Bubble Tea together.

This set includes;

  • 3 x Bubble Tea Flavours (12 servings)
  • 4 x Toppings  
  • 12 x Teabags 
  • 3 x Snack Biscuits
  • 3 x Soda Drinks
  • 1 x Manhua Cha Reusable Metal Stra

The best part is all of those are customisable to the flavours of your choice! 

With over 15 fruit tea flavours, over 11 milk tea flavours & 15 toppings to pick from we’re sure there's something for everyone. You can even pick the flavours of your snacks and soda to really give the ultimate set that personal feel! 

Customise your ultimate set here! 


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