By Cara Sidney

Halloween colours are calling!

Halloween month is officially here! When I think of halloween colours I typically think of Orange, Black, Purple and Green!

Did you know Orange and Black are associated with halloween as orange is associated with harvests & Halloween marks the end of harvest. Black is associated with black cats that were believed to protect witches powers from negative energy! Along with black purple also signifies witchcraft. 
Green has always been a symbolic colour for monsters, zombies and even the wicked witch of the west from the Wizard of Oz. 
If you're wanting to spook-ify your Bubble Tea why not try some spooky inspired colours to get into the halloween spirit. 

For green coloured tea's why not try 
'Killing Kiwi' 
'Afterlife Apple'
If you're after something different 'Ghoulish Grape' provides the perfect halloween purple! Try combining Kiwi and Grape Juice Balls for the ultimate spooky halloween coloured drink. If you wanted some black into your halloween drink you could always have a milk tea with 'Terifying tapioca!' 

If you're after an orange pumpkin themed drink but don't like pumpkin spice, don't worry you can create that orange themed drink easy peasy! Why not try 'Petrifying peach' or 'Pitchfork Passionfruit' they create an orange hue! 

We would LOVE to see your halloween colour combos - why not tag us @manhuacha on instagram for a chance for them to be reshared on our page. 


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