By David Hall

How to Achieve Colourful Bubble Tea!

If you've seen people around drinking original milk tea, you'll notice that there isn't much colour to it. We don't buy our boba tea for its colours, we buy it for its delicious flavours and yummy toppings that sit at the bottom of our drink! If you like your bright or pastel colours, or you want to have your very own photoshoot with your drink, we have the perfect bubble tea kit for you!

If you want to order bubble tea online, but don't want it delivered premade, we've got you covered! Our boba tea kits can be delivered across the UK, allowing you to make delicious bubble tea at home!  From yummy milk and fruit tea to delicious brown sugar milk tea, you can enjoy your favourite beverage on the go and at a time suitable for you! Want to add a pop of colour to your next boba beverage? Read our top tips below! 

Fruit Tea and Toppings

Fruit tea is a popular option amongst boba tea fans. It’s just like iced tea, only with tasty, fun toppings that sit at the bottom of your drink! Popular variations include exotic passion fruit tea with mango popping juice balls and peach fruit tea with lemon juice balls, but your combination is entirely your choice! For a colourful concoction, try apple fruit tea with cherry popping boba for some bright and beautiful addition to your drink.

The apple and cherry tea can be found in our beginner’s section here! Want to mix and match toppings to add more colour? You can even buy extra toppings for your drinks and desserts.

Aesthetically Pleasing Milk Tea

Depending on the flavour you choose, milk tea can be a cute option for all bubble tea connoisseurs. They come in all kinds of pastel colours and resemble milkshakes, perfect if you're looking to cool down on a hot day! If you want to take some pictures for the 'gram with your bubble tea, taro milk tea with lychee tapioca pearls is a great option, as well as strawberry milk tea with strawberry jelly, for extra fruitiness!

Taro, matcha and original milk tea are classic options that anyone who wants to experience bubble tea should try! We even have taro tapioca pearls if you want to try something different to the original recipe! All of our extra tapioca pearls can be found here.

Why Not Add Rainbow Tapioca Pearls?

Amongst our array of weird and wonderful tapioca pearls is rainbow tapioca; it tastes just like regular tapioca pearls but comes in different colours to add something different to your drink! They really stand out in original milk tea and other neutral coloured drinks, allowing them to present themselves in all their glory! You'll definitely get noticed by other boba lovers when you’re out and about, making the perfect statement.

All of our bubble tea kits, snacks and drinks can be delivered straight to your door! Each kit comes with a handy, easy to follow recipe, allowing you to enjoy your boba tea at home! You can view our full collection of kits here.


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