By David Hall

The Best Bubble Tea Flavours for Autumn!

As if this year isn't flying by already, we hate to break it to you, but it's already autumn! The mornings and nights are getting darker, the leaves are turning brown and red, and there's a certain chill in the air. As the fall season comes, we're all changing our wardrobes, and coffee shops across the country are changing their signature flavours and menus! Although our bubble tea flavours here at Manhua Cha are available year-round, there are some options you can choose for your bubble tea making kit to really welcome the final few months of the year.

All of our delicious boba tea kits can be delivered straight to your door across the UK, with your choice of tasty flavours and toppings! Our bubble tea gifts also come with yummy international sweets and snacks that can accompany your bubble tea drinks perfectly! Ready to prepare for autumn? Check out our top picks below!


Original Milk Tea

Going back to where it all began! You can never go wrong with delicious original milk tea with yummy tapioca pearls. It tastes amazing and is a fan favourite around the world, taking all those who drink it back to bubble tea's roots! It's a mellow, tasty drink to start welcoming in the longer, cooler nights, and with the addition of tapioca pearls, you can really enhance the texture.

When you order bubble tea with us, your boba kit comes with tea bags and chunky straws, plus your choice of flavour and toppings! This original milk tea kit comes with flavoured powder and tapioca pearls ready to cook! Want some fast-cook tapioca? Please visit us here! All tapioca pearls, popping boba and jelly are suitable for vegetarians.

Apple Fruit Tea

There are few flavours that sum up autumn quite like apple! We enjoy it in a range of snacks and drinks, such as apple cider, apple pie and even toffee apples for bonfire night! If you love bubble tea, then apple fruit tea with cherry popping juice balls is the perfect choice for a chilly autumn day! You can even find out apple fruit tea in our beginner's section, ready for you to make bubble tea at home! 

To find more of our beginner’s kits, visit us here to become a true boba lover!

Vanilla Milk Tea

Vanilla is often regarded as a boring flavour in popular culture, but we couldn't disagree more! There's a smooth texture and warm feeling to vanilla, making it a perfect autumnal treat! Vanilla ice cream may not be the best choice for a chilly fall night, so why not incorporate it into your next bubble tea fix? When mixed with a range popping juice balls, you've got an autumn combo to really enjoy!

Need some extra toppings to add to your desserts or various soft drinks? You can view our extras here!

Strawberry Fruit Tea

Strawberry has always been a fan favourite flavour. In milkshakes, sweets and even alcohol, strawberry is a delicious choice, and bubble tea is no exception. Strawberries ripen from early summer to early autumn, making them the best option for an autumn drink to really get you in the spirit. The seasons are changing, so why shouldn't your bubble tea order?

Here at Manhua Cha, we have a wide range of bubble tea making kits perfect for birthday gifts and random treats alike! To view our full collection of build your own kits, please visit us here.


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