By David Hall

How to Convince Someone to Try Bubble Tea

Pretty much everyone has heard of bubble tea by now. It's increased in popularity over the past few years, and boba tea shops are scattered across the country! You can even order handy bubble tea kits, allowing you to make your favourite beverage at home, but some people still haven't experienced the deliciousness!

Here at Manhua Cha, we think everyone should try bubble tea, even if it's just once. As well as serving tasty boba tea in Newcastle, we deliver our handy bubble tea kits in the UK, perfectly crafted to match your preferences! Are you a boba tea connoisseur, and want to convince someone else to give it a go? Here are a few points you can make!

There's Plenty of Tasty Flavours to Choose From!

You don't just have to opt for traditional milk tea. There are now hundreds of flavours you can choose from, from fruit bubble tea to coffee shop favourites such as hazelnut latte and cookies and cream. Tropical choices such as mango and passion fruit are incredibly refreshing and delicious, but if you want to try the traditional flavours, you can even opt for matcha or taro!

Iced teas, whether milk or fruit variants, make for a perfect summer drink, and when the addictive toppings are added, it provides extra fun and enhances the bubble tea experience! If you know someone who's new to bubble tea, point them towards our "New to Bubble Tea" collection!

Some Taste Just Like Milkshakes

We all love a tasty milkshake every now and again. Classic flavours include strawberry and banana, but you can even incorporate your favourite chocolate or snacks! When you opt for milk boba tea, the common consensus is that they taste just like milkshakes, particularly the strawberry and cookies and cream options!

Toppings such as tapioca pearls and popping boba add something special to your bubble tea drink. They provide texture and an extra burst of flavour that can sucked up through a chunky straw! When you order bubble tea online with us, all kits come with flavours and toppings of your choice, plus an easy-to-follow recipe! 

You Get to Experiment to Find the Best Choice for You

If you tried boba tea once and you weren't a fan, that's just one flavour. With so many different options and combinations to choose form, there's bound to be a flavour out there for you. Popular choices include apple, strawberry and mango bubble tea, so if you know someone who isn't so sure, why not treat them to a tasty boba tea kit today?

Here at Manhua Cha, all of our teas are suitable for vegetarians, as our popping juice balls and jelly are made entirely out of seaweed extract and coconut pulp! All of our flavours can be sent directly to your door for you to brew from the comfort of your own home, and we even have bundles that come with international treats! Want to get your friends or family hooked on bubble tea? Visit us here!


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