By David Hall

Ideal Reasons to Try Hot Bubble Tea

As all avid fans know, boba tea is usually served ice cold, perfectly refreshing for those hot summer days. With your very own bubble tea kit, you can craft these delicious drinks from the comfort of your own home! But have you ever tried hot bubble tea? Of course, normal tea is traditionally served piping hot, and when it comes to making bubble tea at home, you can now experiment with hot winter favourites at any time of the year!

Here at Manhua Cha, we craft and deliver delicious boba tea kits to homes across the UK. Full of all the ingredients you will need, such as tea bags and flavoured milk powders or syrups, plus a helpful step-by-step recipe, we have everything you need to enjoy your favourite drink at home! Wondering when's best to try hot boba tea? Read our latest article below!

Cosy Nights In

Although the days may be getting warmer, that doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy those toasty nights! Hot bubble tea makes for a perfect night-time beverage, and with a range of different delicious flavours to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice. From gingerbread to toasted marshmallow, you can enjoy hot winter favourites at any time of the year!

Here at Manhua Cha, we have a range of delicious flavours for you to try! With a collection of toppings to choose from, such as popping juice balls and tapioca pearls, you'll never be short of exciting tastes! Visit us here to view our extensive range of hot bubble tea flavours.

Catching Up With Friends

As the end of lockdown draws nearer, we're all making plans to have well-deserved catch-ups with our friends and family. Whilst everything starts to reopen, why not invite some loved ones over for a beautifully hot cup of bubble tea? It's courtesy to offer someone a cup of tea when they visit, so why not switch things up and offer them a tasty alternative?

Hot or cold, bubble tea is a great option if you're looking to add something new and tasty to your day-to-day life. Our bubble tea kits come with green tea bags or black tea bags, depending on whether you opt for fruit or milk tea, alongside the flavour and topping of your choice. You can view our extensive range of boba tea kits here.

Try Something New!

As previously mentioned, bubble tea is famously served as an ice tea, refreshingly delicious and bursting with flavour with each sip! It's a great alternative to your everyday drink, as the various toppings you can add provide so much more flavour! They're a great choice, whether you like fruity combos or sweet treats, and they're incredibly refreshing. Once you've chosen your flavour and topping, opt for a large straw to suck up the toppings for added fun!

Here at Manhua Cha, our bubble tea kits can't be beaten on flavours and toppings. If you want to make your favourite bubble tea beverage from the comfort of your own home, then look no further than our yummy bubble tea kits today!


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