By David Hall

Welcome Spring with Bubble Tea!

Everyone has different flavours that they associate with the seasons; pumpkin spice brings the feeling of autumn, gingerbread is a classic winter warmer, and you can't go wrong with citrus in the summer! But what about spring? With the changing of the seasons comes a change in favourite flavours, and with our bubble tea kits here at Manhua Cha, we've got all the flavours ready for you!

We are currently delivering our delicious boba tea kits to homes across the UK, with the ingredients and recipe needed to make your favourite bubble tea beverage at home! Whether you prefer milk or fruit tea, we've got a range of flavours suited to your tastes and preferences. Read our article below for some spring inspiration!

Fruity Favourites

As spring draws nearer, the weather gets warmer, and there's nothing better than enjoying a refreshing ice-cold drink in the sun. There are different flavours that go perfect with the spring season; flavours that truly let you know that spring has arrived! Fruit teas such as strawberry and honeydew are refreshing choices, and when paired with delicious popping juice balls, they can provide that extra burst of flavour!

Fruit teas, when paired with popping juice balls and jelly, are a refreshing choice for these warm spring days, and with our bubble tea kits, you can make your favourite beverage from the comfort of your own home. You can view our extensive collection of kits here.

Refreshing Milk Tea

Another popular variation of bubble tea, milk tea comes in a range of refreshing and classic flavours bound to satisfy your sweet tooth. A great choice for cooling down, milk tea can provide that need for refreshment, and its creamy texture is a fan favourite amongst bubble tea lovers! Milk teas such as taro and vanilla are classic flavours guaranteed to provide revitalising flavour to your daily drink!

Milk teas can be perfectly paired with tapioca pearls, known for their chewy, addictive texture and sweet taste! If you order one of our boba tea kits with tapioca pearls, they will be provided pre-cooked. If you want your tapioca ready in a rush, you can buy easy-to-cook tapioca pearls here.

Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Want to enjoy the experience of boba tea, but aren't a big tea fan? Then our brown sugar milk tea kits are perfect for you! Consisting of just brown sugar syrup, milk and tapioca pearls, it's the perfect treat, especially if you love milkshakes! Their creamy texture makes them the perfect choice for hot spring days, providing you with a tasty cooldown from the comfort of your own home.

Here at Manhua Cha, our brown sugar milk tea kits come with brown sugar syrup and tapioca pearls, allowing you to create the perfect drink straight from your own home! To view our brown sugar milk tea kits, please visit us here!


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