By David Hall

If You Love Bubble Tea, You'll Love These Asian Treats!

Boba tea has become a fan favourite across the globe, with its tasty flavours and unique toppings enticing thousands of people! Originating in Taiwan, traditional bubble tea with tapioca pearls has adapted to suit everyone's tastes, and it’s not the only delicious treat to hail from Asia!

Here at Manhua Cha, we do more than craft and deliver delicious bubble tea kits to homes across the UK. We sell delicious Asian and American snacks and drinks that are hard to come by in the UK, expanding your horizons and allowing you to enjoy tasty treats that the world has to offer! Do you love bubble tea? Why not try these snacks out for size!

Ramune Soda

A popular soft drink that you can enjoy in a range of flavours, Ramune soda comes in an unusual Codd neck bottle with a little marble that you must push through to enjoy! Its design is rare, and adds to its already interesting concept and delicious taste! When poured into a glass, Ramune can even be enjoyed with boba tea's signature popping juice balls for an extra treat!

We have a range of delicious Ramune flavours here at Manhua Cha, such as blueberry, watermelon and strawberry! You can buy them separately, or in a pack of four for just £10! To view our full Ramune collection, please visit us here.


Mochi is a traditional Japanese rice cake, and has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Its unique texture and tasty flavours make it a deliciously sweet snack, and you can either enjoy fruity flavours or classics such as matcha or green tea. You can even get mochi ice cream, but traditionally, it’s a soft, chewy snack with a delicious filling.

Here at Manhua Cha, we stock a wide variety of mochi flavours and brands, perfect if you're struggling decide on your favourite taste! The Yuki and Love collection comes in an array of tasty flavours, such as grape, strawberry and mango!


Similar to Mikado, which you can easily find in your local supermarket, Pocky is a chocolate coated biscuit that makes for the perfect afternoon snack. From the traditional chocolate flavour to delicious cookies and cream, we recommend enjoying your Pocky with a delicious cup of our hot bubble tea!

To view our full range of Pocky flavours, you can visit us here. We specialise in crafting delicious boba tea kits, perfect for making bubble tea at home. To get started, take a look at our different bubble tea kits here.


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