By David Hall

What Will I Get in my Bubble Tea Kit?

As you probably know by now, boba tea kits are a great alternative to venturing out to your nearest bubble tea shop. You can enjoy your favourite boba beverage from the comfort of your own home, and you can craft the perfect drink whenever you'd like! There are so many different kits to choose from, but what exactly do you get in your neatly packaged bubble tea delivery?

Here at Manhua Cha, we have kits for beginners and top fans alike. Whether you prefer the traditional ice-cold tea, or you fancy a piping hot variant, our kits come with everything you'll need to be make your bubble tea at home. They also make for great gift ideas, and can be delivered straight to your door!


The Essentials

All cups of tea, whether that's a traditional brew our a tasty boba treats, it all starts with one simple ingredient: tea bags! We use black Assam tea bags for our milk tea beverages, and green tea for our fruit variations, providing that all important taste that's familiar to everyone. All of our kits also come with an easy-to-follow recipe, so you're not left in the dark when making your own drink for the first time!

You can also opt for some of our chunky paper straws to suck up your toppings with ease. If you want to be more eco-friendly, we have a whole collection of reusable straws and cups perfect for all your bubble tea escapades. If you're looking some reusable products, or a unique bubble tea gift, please visit us here.


Your Base Ingredient - Milk Tea Powder or Fruit Syrup!

Depending on your preferences, each kit comes with either milk tea powder or fruit tea syrup (or both, depending on your choices and the size of your kit). Milk tea powder comes in a range of tasty flavours and provides the base for your tea, and simply needs to be stirred into your drink. The same applies to fruit tea syrup; the perfect choice if milk tea isn't for you.

Our 12 drink boba tea kit allows you to mix and match the base of your tea, experimenting with different flavour and topping combinations. To view our full collection of bubble tea kits, please visit us here.



What makes bubble tea so unique is the yummy toppings that sit at the bottom of the drink. Tapioca pearls are the traditional choice, but there are other flavoursome options to try, such as popping boba and jelly! All are vegan friendly too; popping juice balls are made from seaweed extract, whereas our jelly is made from coconut pulp!

Boba toppings don't have to just be included in your tea. They're a great option for other treats, such as ice cream and cocktails! If you need some extra toppings for a tasty treat, you can view our flavours here!


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