By David Hall

International Sodas You Need to Try with Popping Boba

What makes bubble tea so unique are the delicious array of toppings that sit at the bottom of your drink! Tapioca pearls, popping juice balls and jelly are all tasty treats that you can add to your drink, but did you know they can have other purposes? Jelly and popping boba in particular go amazingly with desserts and assorted drinks, such as cocktails and soft drinks. There are plenty of international drinks out there for you to try, such as Japanese Ramune and assorted Calypso drinks flavours. Why not give them a go today?

Here at Manhua Cha, we don't just deliver delicious bubble tea kits to homes across the UK. We have a range of international sweets and treats perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth! Whether you're looking for a taste of the States or an Asian sensation, we've got the perfect drink for you to try with popping boba today!


A popular fizzy drink in Japan, Ramune comes in an unusual Codd-neck bottle. The bottle is sealed with a marble that you have to push through rather than a cap, providing you with a novelty as well as a tasty flavour. It is known as a modern-day symbol of summer in Japan, and whilst Codd-neck bottles were once a common sight, Ramune is one of the only brands left that use them.

Ramune is available in many different flavours, from the original lemon and lime to more exotic flavours such as lychee and yuzu citrus. If you choose to pour your drink from the bottle into a different cup, make sure to add some popping juice balls that you may have left over from your last boba tea kit! Otherwise, you can browse our party pack of toppings here.


Calypso is an incredibly popular drink in the United States and is quite easy to find over here in the UK (if you know where to look). They produce delicious lemonades, limeades and light drinks in a range of common and tropical flavours. Quirky Calypso flavours include southern peach, paradise punch and coral blast, all made with real lemon or lime bits. We have a wide variety of flavours here at Manhua Cha, just waiting for you to try!

The weird and wonderful tastes of Calypso go amazingly well with all kinds of popping boba flavours, perfect if you want to add something extra to your drink. The Island Wave drink would work optimally with passion fruit or pineapple popping juice balls, providing you with a delicious burst of flavour! To view our full Calypso collection, please visit our website here

Fanta: Flavours That Are Hard to Find!

We all know the common Fanta flavours; orange and lemon are usually found in most supermarkets and at restaurants, but there are so many other variations out there that you need to try! Different countries sell different flavours of Fanta that you won't be able to find here in the UK, such as banana and lychee. Luckily, we got our hands on some of these deliciously unusual flavours just for you to try!

We stock Fanta mandarin as well as Fanta strawberry and kiwi, perfect if you're looking into expanding your soda horizons! Fanta mandarin pairs brilliantly with cherry popping juice balls, whereas strawberry and kiwi would work well with either raspberry or mango. We can provide both the drinks and the toppings, so you're free to choose the best combination for you! Click here to view our full collection of bubble tea kits.


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