By David Hall

Milk Tea Favourites You Need to Try

When delicious bubble tea was invented all those years ago in Taiwan, it consisted of a traditional milk base and yummy tapioca pearls, creating a delicious, unique drink that quickly took the world by storm. Nowadays, there are plenty of delicious flavours for you to try, from familiar favourites to more unusual tastes. You can even enjoy bubble tea at home with handy DIY kits, perfect if you don't live all that close to your nearest boba tea shop!

Milk and fruit tea are both delicious in their own right, but most people have a preference. From tropical passion fruit and mango to familiar strawberry and pineapple, there's a milk tea treat out there for you to enjoy!

Strawberry Milk Tea (For Beginners!)

There's a reason we've included strawberry milk tea with raspberry popping juice balls in our "Bubble Tea for Beginners" section! It's an instant hit and resembles the popular strawberry milkshake! As far as tea flavours go, this one has been enjoyed for years and is a common sight in most bubble tea stores. The best bubble tea flavours have been included in our beginner's kits, which you can check out here.

All of our bubble tea kits come with easy-to-follow instructions for making your tea and cooking tapioca pearls. There are fast cook options available if you want to enjoy your bubble tea as soon as possible too! If you're looking for a bubble tea delivery directly to your door, you can view our full collection of DIY kits here.

Cookies and Cream

It's hard to find someone who doesn't love cookies and cream, as a snack or as a flavour! Cookies and cream tea closely resembles a delicious milkshake (much like strawberry milk tea) and it is a great choice if you're looking to cool down in what's left of the summer sun. This particular drink tastes perfect with popping juice ball flavours such as banana to fully turn your drink into a tasty dessert you've been craving.

All milk teas are made using black tea bags and flavoured milk tea powder, which will both be provided in your kit. Just simply mix your tea and milk powder together, add your toppings and ice, and you're good to go!

Traditional Milk Tea

If you're looking to take your drink back to its roots, you can't go wrong with traditional milk tea and tapioca pearls. When enjoying bubble tea at home, it's nice to have a drink you can enjoy whilst relaxing after a long week. Traditional milk tea can create this calm vibe, tasting exactly like that all familiar cup of tea, just with extra chewy tapioca! You can discover exactly why boba tea became so popular, and you can make it for yourself from the comfort of your own home.

After following your bubble tea recipe, your drink will be ready to drink in a few simple minutes. If you're a fan of iced tea, then fruit tea might be the best variation for you! No matter what you go for, we've got a wide collection of tasty flavours here at Manhua Cha, just waiting for you to try!


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