By David Hall

International Sweet Bundles to Try Today

There are hundreds of sweet treats from across the globe to try, most of which are available here in the UK if you look hard enough! With so many yummy snacks out there to try, it can be hard to determine what will be the best treat for you. Here at Manhua Cha, we have a range of delicious bundles, whether you're looking strictly for snacks or you're partial to a delicious bubble tea, which is our speciality! With snacks and drinks ranging from mochi to Ramune and Calypso to Jolly Rancher, there's a perfect snack bundle out there for you.

Here at Manhua Cha, we have a delicious collection of bubble tea kits perfect for making your favourite boba tea beverage at home! Your kit comes with your choice of flavour, whether you're a milk tea or fruit tea fan, along with all the ingredients you'll need to make your favourite drink from the comfort of your own home. Want to explore our delicious snack bundles? Read our latest article below!


Blue Bundle

Providing exactly what it says on the tin, our blue bundle is packed full of blue sweet treats from both America and Asia! Blueberry Ramune and Calypso blue lemonade make up the delicious drink options, both of which are deliciously refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day. Raspberry and blueberry make up the flavours in this delicious bundle, with Airheads and Pop Tarts guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. This bundle is a great gift for someone who loves raspberry flavoured treats, especially if they're looking to expand their sweet horizons!

Here at Manhua Cha, we craft delicious bubble tea in Newcastle and deliver our kits to homes across the UK! Alongside our boba tea kits, we craft snack bundles full of American and Asian treats perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth! To read our previous article on the best bubble tea and snack bundles for you, please visit us here!


Matcha Bundle

Matcha is a popular flavour in Asia, and has great health benefits, especially when included as a tea ingredient! Often described as an earthy flavour with a hint of nuttiness and sweetness, matcha is a fan favourite across the globe, particularly in bubble tea. Our matcha snack bundles include delicious mochi balls and cookies, the perfect chewy treats packed with flavour! Traditional Japanese mochi is made from glutinous rice flour, and comes in a range of delicious flavours, which you can view here.

Our matcha bundles are the optimal choice for all Asian snack lovers, packed full of traditional flavours and treats. To view the rest of our matcha collection and boba tea flavours, please click here!


Bubble Bundle

Want to experiment with some bubble tea toppings in your international sodas and drinks bundle? We've got a package perfectly suited to your tastes and preferences! Our snack and bubble bundle comes with four American soft drinks of your choice, plus two toppings and snacks! You can choose from tapioca pearls, popping juice balls or jelly, but we recommend the juice balls for added fun when enjoying your favourite beverage!

Our vast collection of bundles here at Manhua Cha are perfect for all occasions, whether you're looking for a unique gift or you want to satisfy your own sweet tooth. Our mega party pack of toppings allows you to add various toppings to your drinks, and experience something different! To view our range of bubble tea kits and bundles, please view our website here!


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