By David Hall

What is Mochi?

There are hundreds of yummy Asian snacks rising in popularity across the globe. Their tasty flavours and quirky packaging work together to create a unique snack perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth! Traditional Japanese mochi is one of the more recognisable international treats you can find, available in a range of different flavours, but you need to know where to find it!

Here at Manhua Cha, we stock and deliver more than just our delicious bubble tea kits. We have a vast collection of international snacks and drinks from America and Asia that are hard to find here in the UK! From tasty favourites like rainbow nerds to the popular Hello Panda range, we've got your next favourite sweet treat right here! To find out more about fan-favourite mochi, read our latest article below.


Traditional mochi finds its roots in Japan, although the process of steaming glutinous rice flours first began in China! Mochi is a type of Japanese rice cake, and is usually found in a bite sized form. It's a chewy dessert often with a different flavoured centre, with ice cream being a popular filling. It was traditionally served at Japanese new year, and is made during a ceremony called Mochitsuki, where it is pounded by a wooden mallet!

Mochi is incredibly popular nowadays, and it deserves all the hype it receives! Here at Manhua Cha, we have a range of mochi brands for you to try today! The Royal Family collection comes in a range of flavours, such as strawberry and matcha. We also include matcha as a flavour in our delicious boba tea kits, all of which come with ingredients and a handy bubble tea recipe for you to make your favourite beverage at home.

Flavours and Uses

There is a wide variety of flavours when it comes to mochi; from tropical mango to classic taro! Mochi is also produced in a range of different ways in order for customers to experience all the flavours that mochi can offer! For instance, daifuku mochi is filled with red or white bean paste, whereas ichigo daifuku mochi has a whole strawberry inside it!

We have a range of different mochi variations here at Manhua Cha, all of which we can deliver to homes across the UK! Mochi cookies are a great, quirky option when looking to try something different, with delicious matcha flavouring for a traditional taste!

Where You Can Find It

Mochi is quickly increasing in popularity, due to its yummy flavours and addictive texture. Most well-known supermarkets have it in stock, but the traditional, Japanese-made products can be much harder to find. Luckily, we have a range of different options and flavours guaranteed to suit your tastes! Yuki & Love are a great option if you're looking to try more fruity flavours, as their strawberry option is incredibly popular!

Here at Manhua Cha, we have a range of American and Asian candies that are rare to find here in the UK. As well as crafting and delivering delicious bubble tea kits, our snack and drinks range is perfect for all individual tastes, and we're guaranteed to have your next favourite treat in stock!


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