By David Hall

Perfect Gifts for Bubble Tea Fans

When searching for that all-important gift for a loved one, it can be hard to find the perfect present to show someone that you really care. When it comes to the boba lovers in your life, it doesn't need to be a struggle! There are plenty of cute and yummy bubble tea gifts sure to make them smile.

Here at Manhua Cha in Newcastle, we create delicious boba tea drinks in store, and we even craft and send DIY kits straight to your door anywhere in the UK! Whether you prefer fruit or milk tea, our kits are sure to satisfy the taste buds of any bubble tea enthusiast. Wondering what gift you can surprise your loved ones with? Read our article below for some inspiration!

Kits and Ingredients

One bubble tea gift that is sure to be a hit with any superfan in your life is a delicious do-it-yourself boba tea kit! During the numerous lockdowns we've found ourselves in, many individuals have turned to ordering kits online to make their favourite beverages at home. Whether you prefer the delicious fruit tea variant or you like your drink with milk powder, there's a kit out there for you!

If your loved one already has a range of ingredients needed for their bubble tea, but they have a favourite topping they're desperately running low on, you can also treat them to an extra flavour boost of their choice. Toppings such as tapioca pearls and jelly are big hits with bubble tea fans, so gifting someone with a few extra yummy toppings is always bound to be a treat.

Here at Manhua Cha, our bubble tea kits are tailored to your preferences, and can be sent straight to your door! If you only need the toppings, our delicious range of popping juice balls add extra flavour to give your beverage a kick!

Cups and Straws

Want to get your loved one a gift that they can enjoy as well as reuse? Then why not treat them to a cute bubble tea cup or some straws? Reusable cups come in handy when drinking bubble tea on the go, so you don't have to keep using plastic cups that are only going to get thrown away. There are also personalised options guaranteed to show your loved one that you care!

Another environmentally-friendly trend that would make the perfect gift are reusable straws! Not only can they be used for boba tea, but can be taken on the go and used in any drink. You can browse our reusable products here!


Bubble tea gifts don't always have to involve the tea itself; there are so many cute bubble tea gifts out there to surprise your loved ones with. From jewelry to plushies, there are thousands of accessories to choose from! If the person you're gift-buying for already has a yummy bubble tea kit and cup, then a few extra accessories will make the perfect present.

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