By David Hall

Refreshing Bubble Tea Flavours for the Warmer Weather

As the weather slowly but surely starts to pick up and the summer season comes around again, more summer snack and flavour favourites are making their way back! When it comes to drinks, fruity flavours such as strawberry and watermelon are firm favourites for providing a refreshing break on a hot day. With a bubble tea kit, you can enjoy that revitalising taste whenever you'd like!

Here at Manhua Cha, we sell delicious boba tea kits for you to enjoy at home! Our online bubble tea store is home to a collection of delicious flavours for both milk and fruit tea variants, as well as a delicious range of toppings, from popping juice balls to tapioca pearls! We can deliver your kit directly to your home anywhere in the UK, so you can enjoy your favourite bubble tea beverage whenever you'd like! Read on below to discover just some of the most refreshing bubble tea flavours.


When it comes to iced tea, some of the most popular flavours include lemon and peach. They're incredibly refreshing, and taste delicious. Peach is a sweet option if you love a tasty treat, and it’s a great choice for cooling down in the summer heat! When paired with some lemon popping juice balls, you can enjoy these two iced tea favourites for the price of one!

Our DIY bubble tea kits here at Manhua Cha come with a range of different flavours to choose from, including peach! Whether you're a milk tea lover or prefer a fruitier option, our boba tea kits are delicious and allow you to enjoy your favourite drink at home!


If any flavour is most heavily associated with summer, watermelon is probably the most famous. It has a unique taste and is used to flavour a number of sweets and snacks. Watermelon is the best flavour for keeping cool during the summer, as the water and electrolytes keep you hydrated! If you're looking to enjoy bubble tea at home, watermelon is a refreshing, delicious choice perfect for summer!

Like peach, watermelon can come in a fruit or milk tea kit, perfectly suited to your preferences! To view our wide range of flavours, take a look at our care packages here!


If you’re a fan of the classic strawberry milkshake, or just love a traditionally refreshing flavour, then strawberry flavoured bubble tea is definitely the way to go! Strawberry milk tea resembles the milkshake we all know and love, and makes for a great beverage on those scorching summer days. 

If you're looking for more tasty strawberry treats, we also stock a range of American and Asian snacks such as mochi and Airheads! With a range of flavours to choose from, you can mix and match for extra flavour sensations this summertime!


A more tropical flavouring, but a favourite nonetheless, mango is incredibly refreshing and tastes delicious in your bubble tea drink! It's a favourite in milk teas, but makes for a great alternative option in contrast with strawberry and watermelon! Paired with passion fruit juice balls, this drink makes for a great tropical sensation!

Here at Manhua Cha, we have a range of delicious flavours and toppings in our bubble tea kits which you can make and enjoy in the comfort of your own home! To view more of our delicious boba tea kit sizes, please visit us here!


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