By David Hall

Reasons to Enjoy and Create Bubble Tea at Home

During the past year, we've all been confined to our homes, and looking for new ways to enjoy our favourite treats. With the help of our handy bubble tea kits, you can enjoy a delicious boba beverage from the comfort of your own home! With shops once again opening their doors, ordering bubble tea online doesn't have to go out of fashion. In fact, it could be the better option for you!

Our tasty bubble tea kits here at Manhua Cha come in a range of different flavours and variants, with toppings such as popping juice balls and tapioca pearls to choose from! Whether you're a fruit or milk tea fan, we can deliver your choice straight to your door for you to enjoy as you wish at any time of the day. Read our latest article below to discover why making bubble tea at home isn't just a lockdown activity.

Enjoy When You Like

When you're out and about, calling into your local boba tea shop for your favourite drink can break up your day, and makes for a tasty snack. But what if you're at home and craving a homemade bubble tea drink? Boba tea kits allow you to make the classic beverage right there and then, so you can enjoy whenever you like! You can also add as many toppings as you'd like to your drink, and you're not limited to how big or small you'd like your drink to be.

We have a range of popular boba tea flavours here at Manhua Cha perfect for at-home brewing. Our bubble tea care package allows you to make four delicious drinks, with your choice of flavour and topping!

Saves Time and Money

In the long run, brewing bubble tea with one of our handy kits can actually save you money compared to ordering a pre-made drink online or taking a trip to the shops. If you're already out running errands, then popping to a bubble tea store is the best option. But when you're home, ordering a kit works out at around £2.73 per drink! You can read our previous article on why bubble tea kits are the better option over pre-made deliveries here.

A boba tea kit can also save you the time of making the trip, allowing you to enjoy your drink as soon as possible.  If you're an avid bubble tea fan, our reusable cups and boba straws are great for not only lowering your waste, but for enjoying your drink in style!

Experiment with Flavours

When you order a 12-drink bubble tea kit from us, you get to choose three delicious flavours to try out, as well as three toppings! This allows you to journey outside of your comfort zone and try new and unique flavours all from the comfort of your own home.

If you're new to bubble tea and want to give it a try, our bubble tea starter kits are the perfect introduction, allowing you to choose your flavour and topping to create the best drink for you!


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