By David Hall

Unique Bubble Tea Gifts for Father's Day!

When it comes to Father's Day gifts, typical options include alcohol, chocolate and 'World's Best Dad' mugs! Boba tea isn't really a go-to present, but why not? If your dad loves tea, sweet treats and flavours, then a boba tea kit might be the perfect, unique gift this year. Last year’s Father’s Day was a bit of a throw-away, so it's time to make this year special.

Here at Manhua Cha, we craft and sell delicious boba tea kits and international treats, both at our bubble tea store in Newcastle and online, delivering to homes across the UK! With an easy to follow recipe and all the ingredients you'll need, making delicious bubble tea from the comfort of your home has never been easier. Trying to think of the best gift for Father's Day? We have just what you need!

Bubble Tea Kits

With plenty of recognisable and unique flavours to choose from, boba tea kits can make a great gift, especially if your dad is mad about tea! Home kits comes with flavours and toppings of your choice, including flavoured milk tea powder or fruit syrup, depending on your preference! Toppings include chewy tapioca pearls and delicious popping juice balls or jelly, which can be sucked up through a chunky straw to really add to the bubble tea experience. 

Our boba tea kits are perfect for enjoying bubble tea at home, and our vast collections of flavours can guarantee that there's a variant out there your dad will love. Taro milk tea with tapioca pearls is a classic option perfect for first-time boba tea drinkers, and if your dad loves tea as much as we do, then he's sure to get hooked! To view the rest of our flavours, please visit us here.

International Sweet Selections

If your dad has a sweet tooth, there's probably not one chocolate treat or candy that he hasn't tried. So why not opt for some international goodies to really broaden his horizons! There are hundreds of American and Asian sweets out there to enjoy, including snacks and even drinks. From chocolate favourites such as Hello Panda to sweet treats like Nerds, we have tasty bundles here at Manhua Cha to make the perfect gift!

If you're looking to surprise your dad this Father's Day, our mystery boxes come with a range of American or Asian sweets (or both!), lovingly crafted to bring taste and variety to your Father's Day treat. If you'd rather know what's in your bundle, you can view our full collection of American and Asian snacks and stock up at your leisure!

Bubble Bundles!

Bubble tea gift sets are becoming a popular choice amongst boba connoisseurs, as you can mix and match your beverages and snacks! If you know your dad loves his sweet treats, but he's yet to try bubble tea, these bundles could be a great choice that he's sure to love. You can mix your snacks, drinks and bubble tea flavours to suit your dad's preferences, crafting a gift that's personal to him. 

Here at Manhua Cha, we do more than just craft high-quality drinks and stock tasty snacks. We can mix and match bundles to suit all tastes, and we even produce hot bubble tea if ice-cold isn't your thing! To make Father's Day special this year, consider our tasty boba tea kits for a more unique, personal gift.


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