By David Hall

Summer Treats That Go Perfectly with Boba Toppings

As summer gets well underway, we're all looking for different ways to cool down in the heat. A great way to relax in the sun is by looking towards refreshing drinks and snacks that not only help cool you down, but taste great too! Our boba (or bubble) tea kits come in a range of refreshing flavours, which we discussed in our previous article here. But did you know you can use the delicious toppings in other products too?

Here at Manhua Cha, our delicious boba tea kits come in a range of different flavours, all of which come with the ingredients you'll need, plus a handy bubble tea recipe. Although you can buy a freshly made drink from our bubble tea shop in Newcastle, our kits can be delivered across the UK, allowing you to make your favourite beverage at home! Do you have some extra toppings, but aren't sure where to use them? Read our latest article below!

Ice Cream

We all love a tasty ice cream to help us cool down in the summer sun, but tasty bubble tea toppings can completely change the experience, adding more flavour and a unique twist! Jelly and popping juice balls are a great choice for ice cream, no matter the flavour. From classic flavours such as strawberry and apple, to more exotic choices like lychee and passion fruit, jelly and juice balls are the best choices if you're looking for something different.

Our toppings here at Manhua Cha can be sold in our delicious bubble tea kits, or on their own! From chewy tapioca pearls to tasty popping juice balls, everyone has their favourite topping. But which one is yours? If you're new to bubble tea, please view our collection here.


Flavoured milk bubble teas resemble milkshakes anyway, especially strawberry. But of course, milkshakes don't have tea in them, so they're perfect to try with toppings if you aren't much of a tea drinker! They're a fast favourite on hot days, and with the added flavour of popping juice balls or jelly, you're in for a real treat.

Here at Manhua Cha, we don't just specialise in delicious boba tea kits. We also stock and sell American and Asian snacks that are hard to get here in the UK, perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth! Whether you're into your Asian treats or you're looking for a taste of the states, please visit our full international collection here!


A fruitier alternative to milkshakes, smoothies are full of nutrients and flavour. They're ideal for hot summer days, and you can even get alcoholic alternatives! Jelly is a great addition to a tasty smoothie, packing them with even more flavour. 

Our jelly comes in a range of flavours, such as pineapple and grape, and is suitable for vegetarians as they're made entirely from coconut pulp! All of our ice-cold tea flavours are the perfect choice for a hot summer's day, but if you have excess toppings, these summer selections will also complement them greatly! If you wish to find out more about what bubble tea kit variants we have on offer, please visit us here.


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