By David Hall

Why Bubble Tea Kits Are the Perfect Gift

Bubble tea kits are tasty treats that millions of people are enjoying around the world! They come in a range of different flavours, and the tasty toppings that sit at the bottom of the cup make it even more unique. Whether you know someone who loves boba tea, or you think it'd be a perfect fit, boba tea kits are the perfect choice for a gift!

Here at Manhua Cha, we craft and deliver delicious milk tea and fruit tea kits to homes across the UK. This handy DIY kit allows you to make your favourite beverage from the comfort of your own home, and comes with an easy to follow recipe! If you know someone who could benefit from making bubble tea at home, read our helpful article below!


Different Flavours and Toppings

We know that one flavour doesn't fit all; therefore, we've made it possible for you to enjoy a wide variety of flavours in order to find the perfect fit for you! If someone you know is a boba tea expert, you can pick a few of their favourite flavours and have a delicious kit delivered straight to their door! We even have beginners’ kits for bubble tea novices!

Each kit comes with tea bags, flavoured milk tea powder or flavoured syrup (depending on your preference!), and yummy toppings, such as tapioca pearls, popping juice balls or jelly. If you struggle to find a bubble tea shop close to you, our kits can help you make your favourite drink in minutes. If you know someone who loves bubble tea, why not treat them to one of our kits today?


They're Something Different!

A good old-fashioned cup of tea is a staple in British homes, but do you ever fancy switching things up a bit? Boba tea is a unique twist on your typical brew; it can be served ice cold or piping hot, although cold tea variants are the most popular! With fan favourites such as apple and cherry, to tropical options like passion fruit and lychee, there's something for everyone!

Unique gifts are hard to come by nowadays. That's why our delicious bubble tea kits are the perfect option for surprising your loved one! All of our teas are suitable for vegetarians; our jelly is made from coconut pulp and our popping boba is crafted from seaweed extract! If you fancy trying our hot bubble tea, you can visit us here!


It Shows How Much You Care

No one needs a reason to buy someone they love a gift. Boba tea is a great way to show someone just how much they mean to you, especially if you know they're a bit of a connoisseur. Whether it's their birthday, or you just want to surprise them, getting them a kit with their favourite flavours and toppings is a great choice!

Here at Manhua Cha, we stock and sell a wide range of American and Asian snacks and drinks alongside our bubble tea kits! Our bubble bundles come packed full of everything you need to make your loved one's day, leaving you to choose the perfect drinks and snacks! You can view our bubble tea sets here.


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