By David Hall

Tasty Bubble Tea and Snack Combinations

As discussed in our previous article, there are plenty of tasty international snacks that pair perfectly with all kinds of bubble tea flavours! If you're ever in the mood for a unique twist on 'tea and biscuits,' we've devised a list of three tasty combinations you need to try today! If you're new to boba tea, we have some tasty bubble tea starter kits just waiting for you; why not add a tasty snack to the mix to enhance the experience?

Our delicious bubble tea kits here at Manhua Cha come with an easy-to-follow recipe and all the ingredients you'll need to make your favourite beverage at home. We also have a vast collection of tasty American and Asian snacks that are hard to find here in the UK! Ready to try something different? We're here to help!


Strawberry Pocky and Vanilla Milk Tea

Pocky is a tasty Japanese biscuit with a chocolate coating, and it comes in a range of different tasty flavours. Strawberry is a fan favourite, much like strawberry milk tea is a popular flavour around the world. Strawberry pairs deliciously with several other flavours, but enjoying your biscuits with a vanilla milk tea makes for a sweet combo!

Alongside all our teas are your choice of toppings; you can choose from flavoured jelly, popping juice balls or tapioca pearls to craft your perfect drink! All of our drinks are suitable for vegetarians, as our jelly is made from coconut pulp, and our popping boba is made from seaweed extract! To view our full collection of toppings, you can visit us here.


Chocolate Hello Panda and Cookies and Cream Tea

A popular snack in Asia, Hello Panda are fun biscuits with a tasty filling. Each biscuit depicts a panda taking part in a different activity, such as tennis and archery. A popular flavour is chocolate, and makes for a tasty fusion when eaten alongside a cookies and cream milk tea!

Cookies and cream tea is an unusual spin on traditional bubble tea, but it's a fan favourite nonetheless! You can either buy your tea and snacks separately, or you can look towards our bubble tea starter kits! Each kit comes with your choice of bubble tea flavour, two toppings and a snack, perfect when served as an afternoon treat.


Mango Mochi and Passion Fruit Tea

If you're looking for something a little more tropical, we have a collection of tasty tea flavours, such as passion fruit and lychee. They’re an exotic twist on your traditional bubble tea flavours, and pair deliciously with mango mochi. Mochi is a chewy Japanese treat with a fruity filling, and mango is a popular variant.

We have a range of mochi brands and flavours here at Manhua Cha just waiting for you to try! From fruity favourites such as strawberry and orange to traditional matcha and green tea, we're sure to have your next favourite snack right here. To view our full mochi collection, you can visit us on our website.


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