By David Hall

Why Buy Bubble Tea Online?

Since the coronavirus pandemic put the trade of retail stores and restaurants on hold, more and more businesses have taken to delivery services and online sales! Even when the world isn’t experiencing a global pandemic, online shopping is still a practical option for those who don’t have enough time to shop in person. When it comes to bubble tea kits, buying online could be the perfect option!

Here at Manhua Cha, we craft and deliver yummy boba tea kits all over the UK, allowing you to create your favourite beverage at home! Whether you prefer milk tea or fruity favourites, our kits come with all the ingredients and toppings you need to make the perfect bubble tea drink. Read our article below to discover the benefits of buying bubble tea online.

You Can Have Your Favourite Beverage Whenever You Want!

Pre-pandemic, most people would buy their bubble tea in store, choosing from a host of different, delicious flavours. Due to the closure of non-essential retail shops and cafes, most people are turning to delivery services and online shopping to get their bubble tea fix. When you buy bubble tea online, particularly bubble tea kits, you can make your favourite boba beverage whenever you feel like it! No waiting around, no travelling, just you and your kit!

Our kits here at Manhua Cha come with a range of different flavours and toppings, such as tapioca pearls and popping juice balls. All kits come with tea bags and your choice of topping, along with delicious flavoured powder for the milk tea variant, and tasty syrup for fruit teas! You can view our range here.

It Can Save On Trips

If you’re from a more rural town, it might be hard to find a shop that sells bubble tea. If you’ve got a real craving, you might need to travel quite far just to indulge! By ordering a bubble tea kit online, you’re saving yourself the hassle of travelling far and wide just for that perfect boba beverage, when you can make it at home!

Although there’s the option for delivery, kits mean you can make numerous drinks whenever you’d like. If you opt for a kit with multiple flavours and variants, you can keep swapping and changing to your hearts content! Whether you’d like a tasty passion fruit option one day, or a traditional taro drink the next, it’s completely up to you!

It’s The Best (and Only) Choice in Lockdown

When the first lockdown took hold of the UK, all non-essential businesses were forced to close, including cafes and restaurants, unless they were operating on a delivery basis. As we sit right in the middle of our third lockdown, having a bubble tea kit delivered is frankly our only option! It’s a difficult, confusing time for all of us, but you can try and make it better with your favourite boba beverage in the comfort of your own home.

Our bubble tea kits come in a range of different sizes and options. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’d like to try a hot tea variant, we’ve got the kit for you. Visit us here to view our range of teas, sweets and reusable products!


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